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Endless Autumn.

posted on: 31 March, 2011

Topshop Top//New Look Shorts//ASOS purse//Topshop Necklace.

I love love love these shorts but they are so unflattering on me! I usually wear things that are quite fitted at the waist but I couldn’t resist buying these.
They crease so easily though, which is annoying. Such a lovely colour though, it reminds me of autumn colours.
I really need to buy a charger for my DSLR, but it’s £40 and I’d rather spend my money on other things (clothes, makeup, shoes…) so my photos are a bit rubbish.

This morning I received a lovely little package from the amazing Liz Earle PR team. They sent me the Clear Skin Kit which I can’t wait to try out! I’m going to test these out and see how much my skin improves & then do a post about it. I’ve mentioned before that my skin isn’t great, but it did improve when I tried the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, so I’m really excited to be trying these out!




Girls on Film.

posted on: 30 March, 2011

new purse//new york fridge//coke can pinup//polaroid//makeup//books&vinyl//MSFs//Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook//cocktails.

I love taking photos, I’m going to make this a regular feature although these ones aren’t too great. I love having lots of things on display in my flat. Between me and Graeme, we have a lot of clutter. Most people like to store everything away but I love it all out on show, piles of books and vinyl and lots of photographs and pictures.

I have a few films to be developed from my Lomo Fisheye2 so I will post them if they’re any good!

LUSH Alkmaar Soap.

posted on: 29 March, 2011

I was lucky enough to get this lovely little Alkmaar soap from Lush in America from my boyfriend. Graeme was music-ing in the US and went to Lush and asked for something you couldn’t buy in the UK. Really sweet of him, not sure where he got that idea from… it’s not typical Graeme behaviour, usually I get socks or fridge magnets.

I thought I would do a post on this because there’s probably not too many people with it (unless your boyfriend also has random acts of kindness or you live in America). The soap is named after the cheese capital of the world, Alkmaar in Amsterdam. The reason for this being not because it contains any cheese (although that would be interesting, Stilton and Camembert bath bomb pls) but because of the way Lush soaps are sold. They are displayed like large blocks of cheese, cut on cutting boards, wrapped and weighed like a cheese market/deli.
The soap contains honeysuckle and jasmine, which means it smells gorgeous. I think Lush soaps always have that sort of same scent that lingers that makes them unique.
I love the smell of honeysuckle and the smell actually lasts a while after use as well. I’ve had this soap for a while but I don’t want to use it up because it’s hard to get (although, Graeme is back in America again in a few weeks!).

I love all the Lush soaps, they always make my skin feel lovely and aren’t drying like most soaps. Alkmaar is also vegan too, I don’t specifically buy vegan products so it doesn’t bother me but it’s a plus for any vegans.

A lovely product. Any suggestions as to what I can force Graeme to buy me when he’s in America next month?

Blush Lust: The Picks.

posted on: 28 March, 2011

L-R: Bourjois Blush Pot in Rose D’or, MAC Wonder Woman Blush in Amazon Princess, Smashbox blush in Proof Sheet, MAC Powder Blush in Fleur Power, MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty & MAC Mineralize Blush in Hang Loose.

I’ve done full posts on most of these products but I thought I would just do a quick post about the six blushes I’ve been reaching for recently. Usually it would have been 5 Favourites but I couldn’t pick five!

Bourjois blush in Rose D’or is probably a blush most people have, and one which I absolutely adore. I’ve had a few compliments recently on this blush, not just in blog comments but in person too which is lovely. I’ve been told I really suit this blush so it’s one that I wear most. Its a gorgeous pink with a gold iridescent glow to it. It looks really lovely on and it lasts for such a long time too. It really is that perfect natural colour.

MAC Wonder Woman Blush in Amazon Princess is also one I wear often, it’s different from the pink blushes I usually wear as it’s a bit brighter and also has blue/purple undertones. It only takes a small amount to look gorgeous so I can imagine it lasting a long time, it also stays on all well which is handy for wearing during the day.

Smashbox blush in Proof Sheet is another pink colour blush, but it’s also leaning towards a nice coral colour. This is similar to the Bourjous Rose D’or and MAC Dainty but it doesn’t have the glitter through it which makes it slightly more natural and matte. I wear this to work a lot to give me a nice glow.

MAC Fleur Power is a darker pink which I also absolutely love. It doesn’t have any glitter in it, which is sometimes nice for a change, especially as you can mix and match with different highlighters. It’s such a gorgeous colour, and the quality of MAC blushes is excellent. Well worth the price! This is actually the only powder blush I have by MAC that isn’t mineralize (I think…) but this is probably going to change soon.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty is the first MAC blush I purchased and I think what began my blush buying frenzy. It’s a light pink colour with a gorgeous glitter through it. I have a few light pink blushes because I think it’s my natural glow anyway so I suit it best. It’s also not too daring for daytime either.
Probably one of my most used blushes, it looks good on anyone.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Hang Loose from the Limited Edition In the Groove collection that everyone went mad for. It’s a nice light pink teamed with a lilac/lavender colour. I have never seen a lilac blush before, and I wouldn’t ever wear the lilac alone but blended together it looks so lovely.
I’ve only worn this a few times, but I like it because it’s not like any other colour I own.

L-R: Bourjois Blush Pot in Rose D’or, Smashbox blush in Proof Sheet & MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty.

Bottom to Top: MAC WW Blush in Amazon Princess, MAC Mineralize Blush in Hang Loose & MAC blush in Fleur Power.

I’m a bit of a blush obsessive so I change which blush I use everyday. What are your thoughts?