Entries from June 23rd, 2011

Style: Keep or Return.

posted on: 26 June, 2011

TOPSHOP dress; H&M necklace.

Another fine example of my obsession with all things coral. I picked this dress up in the Topshop sale, and although I do like it, I’m not sure if I would actually wear it. Planning on returning it I think.

Leeds has been so warm today! I was not prepared, I hadn’t painted my nails (so I couldn’t wear sandals) and I was pasty pale (and therefore anything floaty and summery was not an option!). My flatmate and I went and had a wander around town and I bought a few more summery outfits… although I’m pretty sure I probably missed the hottest day.

These past few days have been all about finding some work experience in Leeds, I want to do something in marketing or PR eventually, ideally centred around beauty and/or fashion so I’m trying to fit in some experience around my full time job. It’s proving to be near impossible finding anything.

What’s everyone got planned for tonight then? I’m pretty sleepy after today so just going to fake tan and watch a movie. Thinking of getting my hair did tomorrow, I’m actually so sick of it! Thoughts?

Style: Wishing.

posted on: 25 June, 2011

TOPSHOP dress & top; PRIMARK jacket; ROCK N ROSE necklace.

Another thrown-together outfit! I actually was just trying on my new clothes to see what this top would go with. I was a bit worried because its a funny shape and didn’t know what to wear it with, but I think it goes well with the leopard print.
I also wanted to test out the blank wall in my new flat for taking pictures.

I got my Glossybox yesterday, I know everyone is pretty divided on them but I do still think they’re a great idea. I’m a bit annoyed they upped the postage, as I signed up for a flat fee of £10. It seems the people that are being negative about them don’t actually have one so therefore, don’t really have an opinion!
I’m all for them, I spend hundreds a month on trying new products so this is made for me but I understand it’s not for everyone. And I also understand that they can’t send full size products every month so I wasn’t disappointed by the June box.
I’m interested to see what Boudoir Prive will be offering up, they started following me on twitter a few months ago and I’ve been waiting excitedly ever since!

Had a rubbish few days, but I’ve got two days off so looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing! Stocked up on chocolate biscuits, magazines and my new favourite series Game of Thrones!
I’m currently using my phone as a “wifi hotspot” on my macbook to get this blog post up, and it’s taking forever. I don’t get the internet until the 1st but I’m going to get a few blog posts scheduled tomorrow because I can’t go without blogging for much longer!

Recent Purchases: Topshop Sale.

posted on: 24 June, 2011

Just a few things I picked up from the Topshop sale, which I thought was really good (it was here in Leeds anyway!). I could have bought heaps more but I’m trying to be better with money. Nightmare.
I have both of the tops in different colours already but they are ones I wear all the time so it’s justified.

The little eyeshadow duos were only £3 each, which is amazing as I wanted to buy them the other day so I’m glad I waited.

What did you get in the Topshop sale?

Recent Purchases: Liz Earle.

posted on: 23 June, 2011

I think I’ve expressed my love for Liz Earle enough since my blogging debut 6 months ago, but I thought I’d do a small post on some things I’ve purchased recently. We have a shop here in Leeds which is lucky but also slightly terrifying for my bank balance. I do think the Liz Earle products are reasonably priced considering how lovely they are.
I bought the Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner (normal hair). I’ve heard lovely things about these products and they are really great. There is only one variety of shampoo, but the conditioner comes in a few different types (I bought one for normal hair, but there are others such as one for oily/fine hair and also dry/damaged ends).

I also bought a new moisturiser. Moisturiser is one of those products which I can never seem to get right, and my skin has become quite oily recently (but also dry on my cheeks) so I went for the normal/combination moisturiser in the hope it will help my skin type to become a bit more normal. I love this moisturiser, it’s very light and you only need such a small amount which means this tub will last a while. It’s not heavy or greasy and my makeup applies well afterwards. I was going to go for the oily skin type moisturiser but chose this in the end to deal with my drier areas as well.

Lastly, I bought a pack of muslin cloths as I always use these. I know I could have got heaps off ebay for cheap but theres something about the LE ones, they are so soft! Ahh a new pack of muslin cloths, about to be turned orange from my makeup!

Anyone else had a Liz Earle splurge recently?