Entries from August 25th, 2011

Style: Off With Your Head.

posted on: 30 August, 2011

Top & Necklace – H&M, Skirt – Urban Outfitters, Lipstick – Sleek Peaches & Cream
I threw this on this morning because it was sunny but eventually had to admit defeat and put on some tights instead when the wind and clouds kicked in.

I put together a blog sale which you might have seen. Some bargains to be had! I’m going to try and update my blog sale a lot more often because I really need to clear out everything if i’m going to be moving at some point! 

Today I went for a look around town, for some reason I absolutely hate shopping in Leeds. I’m not a massive fan of shopping anyway, I’m extremely impatient and can’t deal with people walking slowly/in to me. Leeds is very badly laid out, the shops are miles apart (and New Look is a mission to get to!) 
I wish there were more high street stores as well, not just in Leeds but in general. I guess it’s heightened in blogging that there isn’t enough variety, we really only have Topshop, H&M, Miss Selfridge, Urban Outfitters and Zara etc. 
I know from my own experiences with blogging that you do get a lot of “so and so is copying this blogger” but well, we don’t got much to work with!
Personally, one of my favourite things about fashion blogs (those which are predominantly high street fashion) is you get to see how different people wear the same or similar items. Everyone can wear a Topshop skirt, but the real creativity lies in how they wear it and what they wear it with. I’m pretty much a “throw on and go” type of person, but I love seeing how an outfit can come together!

Style: Sunday Best.

posted on: 29 August, 2011

Skirt & Top – H&M, Belt & Necklace – Topshop, MAC Costa Chic Lipstick

A few snaps of my outfit from yesterday/last night which I took at night so the lighting is rubbish! I went out with Dora & Harriet in Leeds which was so much fun! I had a massive issue trying to find something to wear, I’ve had a clean out and now have about three tops and two skirts so this is all old and literally thrown together. I never thought I’d wear this belt again but I love it, and when I posted an outfit picture on Twitter I got some lovely compliments so I went with it.

Tomorrow consists of desperately seeking out a new outfit for the Glossybox event on Thursday! I honestly have no idea what to wear and haven’t seen anything I like in forever!

In other news, I possibly named the new Illamasqua mascara, they posted this on Twitter a while back and I replied with my joke suggestion. I didn’t hear back and forgot all about it, until they mentioned today that their new mascara “Masquara” is out soon. I feel used! ;)

Updates: 35mm.

posted on: 26 August, 2011

A few pictures from the last week, which has mainly consisted of baths with Lush bath bombs, painting my nails and having copious amounts of honey and lemon drinks because I’ve been ill!
I ordered a few new Models Own polishes in the sale (like everyone else!) which is pretty exciting! I’ve never really been interested in nails before, but now I’m obsessed!

I’m planning on heading down to London next Thursday & Friday for the Glossybox event, is anyone else planning on going? I hardly ever make it to London because it’s an expensive journey for just a few hours but I thought I may as well! I’m looking forward to moving to London, and it’s good to get myself familiar with the big smoke before I move! I’m going to be such a n00b! Send help.

I’ve also emailed my Aussie giveaway winners, so if that was you… please reply ASAP! Thanks.

Joe Browns A/W Event.

posted on: 25 August, 2011

I recently attended the Joe Browns A/W event in Leeds with a few other bloggers. It was an amazing event, they’d gone to so much effort with the Mexican theme and everyone was lovely!
I remember the Joe Browns catalogue from when I was younger, I remember loving everything, especially their relaxed style and fun, easy to wear items. Autumn/Winter trends are my favourite, I instantly spotted a few gorgeous fur coats on the rails as well as those gorgeous patterned wellies!

No doubt you’ll spot a few Joe Browns items in my outfit posts over the next couple of months!
Massive love to Lucy, Victoria, Charlotte, Becca, LauraLauren, Laura & Jamie… and everyone else!