Entries from October 23rd, 2011

Dreaming Of Another World.

posted on: 30 October, 2011

01. Some awful out of focus photos from last week! I really need to get a new camera, my Nikon D40 just isn’t cutting it anymore! I can’t seem to get it to focus like it used to, so I’m thinking about getting a Canon EOS 600D for Christmas. Saying that, yesterday I went to Bluewater and tried on a Mulberry bag (think I know which one I’m going to get now! And its not a Bayswater or an Alexa!)

02. After a tiring week, I’ve had a massively busy weekend so no doubt I’ll be feeling drained tomorrow. I really wish there was an extra day in the weekend, it always flies by!
Last night I went to the Aussie Aussiversary Party at Century Club with a few other lovely ladies and had a really great time! It was amazing to meet everyone/see some old faces, and the food and drinks were amazing.
I foolishly went out in London after the event, stayed at a friends and had to get a hungover bus, tube, walk, train home to South London feeling very ill!

03. Today was spent doing not a lot, caught up with X Factor, slept for hours, and now I’m listening to Mystery Jets in bed.

04. I usually get some posts prepared for the week but I’ve not really had time & will probably be feeling tired after work but we’ll see! I’ve got loads of products to review, do people mind if I post a review about one item? Usually I compare a few or talk about a topic such as MAC lipsticks or nude eyeshadows!

Instaupdates #1.

posted on: 26 October, 2011


01. I finally got my new iPhone 4S! I’ve always had Mac laptops (the second picture is a sly pic of my current Macbook Pro), but this is the first iPhone I’ve ever had. I’m seriously impressed with it, everything seems to slot together and all of the features are amazing! Siri and I had a fall out at first, I don’t think he quite understood my accent (understandable), but I’m really impressed with this feature!

02. Recently has been all about my new internship (in Beauty PR), I’ve not had much time for anything else. I bought a couple of dresses in the ASOS sale. As well as a pair of Dalmatian slippers from Asda and some little shoes from New Look.

03. I also got my Glossybox. Not a very thrilling one this month, I’ve actually not touched any of the products as it really doesn’t excite me. The nail polish looks nice, and I do like Dermalogica but that’s about it!

Style: Wednesday Addams.

posted on: 24 October, 2011

Dress – ASOS

The first day I wore this, I kept looking in the mirror wondering why I looked so familiar. Then I realised I was dressed identical to Wednesday Addams. A new style icon there.

You can see my new hair cut a bit better here. I like that it’s all one length, and hopefully if I do decide to grow it out, it will be a bit easier/look a lot nicer.
Thank you for all the lovely comments on it though!

Style: Berry.

posted on: 23 October, 2011

Stole, Coat & Skirt – H&M, Top – New Look

This time last year I searched high and low for a fur collared coat, and this year they’re everywhere! I bought this coat a few months ago from H&M, and bought the fur stole recently to put round it. It works out much cheaper to add your own fur, and you can chose which colour you want.

I got my hair cut yesterday, and then dyed it myself. It’s quite short, just above my shoulders and finally, all one length. I want to grow it but I really don’t like it long, I don’t think I suit it at all. I’m not sure how I feel about the cut yet, it’s rather short but thankfully, my hair grows fast!

A massive well done to my home country of New Zealand for winning the Rugby World Cup today, I wish I was off work tomorrow to celebrate but sadly it’s X Factor and bed for me!