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  • Chelsea

    Super cute! I love this palette and was considering grabbing it next time I’m around a Bobbi Brown counter. We’ll see x

  • Benny

    God, are your eyes real?! So gorgeous!
    Anyway, the blusher looks lovely on you, as our skintone is pretty similar, maybe I’ll give it a try :)

  • Rexyyyy

    The palette is so lovely, but I do think it’s a wee bit pricey compared to other things available. You look gorgeous

    Sian x

  • happyrebekah?

    the high shimmer lipgloss looks so nice on your lips, the whole collection suits you!
    i’ve never tried Bobbi Brown, but i’ll have to take a look!

    please take a look,

  • Miss Danielle

    I want the Desert Twilight palette so much!! I just don’t have the funds atm but my friend is going to the US in a couple of weeks so hopefully she can get it for me a little cheaper!

    Danielle xx

  • Jordan

    That looks beautiful on you :) x

  • Carina

    It looks lovely, but way too much money for neutral palette imo! :(

  • Sally

    Ahhh I used to get the blusher/bronzer duo years ago! Does it still come with a little brush? Think 27 is alot for it though sadly..

  • Ellie

    You. are. stunning. xx

  • Charlie

    You look like a Bobbi Brown ad girl/model, so stunning! I think it’s amazing how everyone who uses her products gets this soft, natural but defined look.

  • LaurenMjDavies

    Wow, that palette loooks gorgeous!! Love your necklace too!!

  • Connie // Life, lately

    I’ve never dabbled with Bobbi Brown but this look is so lovely I’m now wondering why.. That lipgloss is dreamy, not really like anything I’ve seen before Cx

  • Tanya

    Looking dashing as always! The blusher/bronzer duo looks particularly amazing on you.

  • Lu Maquiyonkis

    Lovely look. Your lashes are huge! :)

  • Shannon Beer

    The eyeshadow palette is stunning!xx

  • The Beauty Shelf

    love bobbi brown – I might make a purchase from this collection depending on funds. Your eyes are so pretty x

  • Emily

    I love the palette!

  • Lianne Whitelaw

    This is a lovely look – really suits you! I love Bobby Brown, have been addicted to their liquid foundation for years and have a few other wee bits and bobs but the eyeshadow palette looks great! Such a fab choice of colours.
    Lianne x

  • Lacey

    That palette is gorgeous!!! :O


  • Laura (White Winters)

    That palette looks beautiful! The blush looks lovely on you.


  • Alice

    You’re SO lucky to get sent all this! The colours look great:) xx

  • Joanne Massey

    That palette is gorgeous! I love nude and natural shades with shimmer. You look lovely :)

    Joanne, Aisle Three

  • Marmalade

    oh Kate you lucky bugger for getting sent these bad boys. The joys of knowing the ins and outs of makeup, haha. I am clueless so will stick to clothes for now :)

    I ordered the palette after I messaged you, can’t wait to receive it. I LOVE bobbi brown, have a lot of their palettes, glosses and gel eyeliners etc already (and swear by them), but I’ve not tried their powder blushers (i have a stick one) but love the look of this one above, may have to give that a go too!!

    You need to negotiate some commission ;) xxxx

  • Mo Adore | Scottish cruelty-free lifestyle blog

    I’ve never tried any Bobbi Brown products, but these do look gorgeous on you and we have similar colouring so I might try it out!

    Morag x

  • Lisa Jay

    the palette looks beautiful x x x

  • Lauren

    i love your blog soo much xx

  • sarahxo

    The palette and the blush/bronzer duo look amazing!!!!! I also look at the bobbi brown makeup but I never ever buy anything. I am so tempted to have a little splurge on that palette now though! xxx

  • Kate

    I’ve been looking at that palette since it first came out and its been in and out of my shopping basket about 10 times! I really want it but have sooo many palettes already :(

    Kate xx

  • Heather

    I love the blusher bronzer duo! the bronzer looks quite dark though, is it sheer? or do you have to be careful not to over-apply? xxx


    I LOVE Bobbi Brown, this collection look gorgeous especially the palette! No wonder people are going mad for it :D I had the Black Ruby palette and Christmas and I love it ;)

  • Lucie-louise.

    OH MY. That palette is stunning – never bought anything from bobbi brown before, so that palette might be my first purchase!


  • Betsy Boat

    I love bobbie brown! I think it’s a brand that’s quite underrated.
    This palette looks amazing too!

  • kisha duhaney

    I love the look!! I was gifted some Bobbie Brown foundation so can back you up on how great the range is :)

  • Vanessa

    I literally want ALL of these products! They all look lovely!!

  • Laura

    I have nominated you for the sunshine award…find out what to do :)
    laura xx

  • Francesca x

    I think I just fell in love with that palette! So many gorgeous neutrals!

  • RubyElizabeth

    It’s so nice!! I reeeeally want to try Bobbie Brown stuff now! I want to try the concealer pot they have! I’ve heard really good things about it. :) Great post!

  • .x.Sarah.x.

    I haven’t used Bobbi Brown make-up for a while but I really love the look of this collection, especially the palette and the bronze/blush duo xx

  • An-An

    love the eyeshadow palette but 48 pounds is quite a lot for me :s
    it looks great though, thanks for sharing!

  • beautyiswithinx

    The eyeshadow palette is stunning and I would purchase but the pricetag is a little off putting – may consider saving for it though! <3


    It’s a beautiful look! I wish we had Bobbi Brown in sweden :( And I haven’t found a website that ships here either :(

  • Sam Hutchinson

    Love the neutral earthy tones of the palette, the blusher/bronzer duo looks really nice too! The pink really does look gorgeous on your skin xxx