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Beauty Purchases

MAC Lipstick Haul.

31 July, 2015

After months of being loyal to other brands, and years of ignoring the counter, I’ve finally reignited my love for MAC. This week saw me head straight for the lipstick stand, as I’m experiencing a very real nude lipstick obsession… I honestly cannot remember the last time I bought a MAC lipstick – it certainly wasn’t in the last year, and I’m not sure it was even in the year before that. So to say I had some catching up…

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An Ode to Oskia… And An Offer!

30 July, 2015

I first discovered Oskia over a year ago; I’d heard they were an incredible brand and I just knew I had to get involved. Like most, it was the Renaissance Cleanser that was the game-changer for me – this silky balm is what led to my skin routine being made up of 80% Oskia products… There’s not a mediocre product within the brand’s range – and I should know, I’ve sampled almost all of their releases! They’re an all-natural brand,…

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My Big Hair Secret…

28 July, 2015

As someone with normal/fine hair, it feels like I am forever searching for a product that leaves my hair look thick, full and voluminous. Occasionally, I strike gold – or salt, as in this case… Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt Christophe Robin are a brand that have been taking up space on my wishlist for way too long; there’s something about the innovative products and dreamy packaging that immediately got me. As expected, once I got my…

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New In Cream Shadows.

27 July, 2015

I really should have either taken a picture of these as soon as I bought them, held off on using them at all, or gone to town on Photoshop… but I did none of these so now we can obsess over how perfect Painterly looks in the middle of all this mess. Okay, so now for my real intro. I really love cream shadows; they may not last as long as powder, and they can be a little more messy…

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Beauty Tutorials

Festival-Inspired Beachy Waves Tutorial.

26 July, 2015

– Sponsored Content – Following on from my Lovebox Weekend post, I thought I’d include a tutorial of my hair from the weekend – as inspired by the ‘Relaxed Boho’ style that the KMS team did on me for the event. This is pretty much my everyday style; I always use salt spray to add texture, and I love relaxed waves – there’s just something so effortless about this look, making it ideal for a festival. It’s a pretty low…

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