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A Skincare Haul.

By On 22 September, 2014

A week in London always ends with me bringing home more than I can carry, and this trip was no exception. I actually didn’t buy any makeup, which was the focus of… Read More


A Space NK Splurge.

By On 11 August, 2014

Who loves a haul? Kate loves a haul. I recently took myself off to Space NK to see what was new in, and ended up with a small basket of goodies. I… Read More


A NARS Mini Haul.

By On 9 July, 2014

NARS is a brand I just can’t get enough of, maybe it’s the perfectly sleek packaging or perhaps it’s just that the quality never lets me down. Whatever it is, I seem… Read More


A Lush Haul.

By On 6 June, 2014

As you would expect, my appearance post-move is slightly dishevelled. It’s been a stressful few weeks and so a Lush visit was in order – we actually have a new store that… Read More


Serious Budget Beauty Loving.

By On 6 May, 2014

I’ve been engaged in a budget love-in for some time now, so of course a post was in order! I won’t lie to you, I’m overly excited to share this lot with… Read More