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What’s In My (Festive) Makeup Bag.

posted on: 27 December, 2013

I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on wearing too much makeup over Christmas but I brought a few bits and bobs to keep me going – I didn’t want to scare anyone or ruin Christmas.

My makeup bag is from the Laura Mercier Portfolio Collection, which you can buy on sale here. It’s my go-to travel makeup bag as it has a hard outer case so everything is protected and there’s also lots of compartments inside, which makes it easier to sort through and pack makeup as you can see what you have. It’s a little bulky but I make room. Of course, I packed some primers as these always improve my makeup ten-fold and leave me feeling far more happier with the result; Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (£20.80) and the 17 Skin Wow 3-Way Highlighter (£5.99) were chosen to come with me, the Clarins offering is amazing for smoothing over the skin while the highlighter can be used to add some radiance to the skin, it’s a nice dewy, warm finish that helps makeup come winter. Lately I’ve been wearing these on their own as it’s minimal enough but my skin looks miles better.
I also added in my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation (£33), if you haven’t already got this in your stash, I highly recommend you pick it up before the year is out – you have four days. It’s great coverage and has a lovely radiant, creamy but natural finish that suits my demands perfectly.

As for concealer, the Clarins Instant Concealer (£20) has been my top choice for disguising late nights – I’m still catching up from my birthday last week – it blends beautifully and hides dark circles like magic. I also really love the 17 Phwoarr Paint Concealer (£5.49) for any blemishes, it’s thick but the almost-matte finish means it blends so well and doesn’t look caked on. I’ve got a lot of use out of these lately!

I also threw in my blush of the moment, NARS Orgasm (£21.50) always looks amazing on me and it has just the right amount of shimmer. It’s easy to pat on a bit of concealer, apply Orgasm and I’m set for a lazy day if I need to nip out or whatever. It really does wonders for a pasty complexion!

As for eyes, I went for my usual MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork (£15), at this time of year I’m totally a ‘sweep on and go’ kinda girl and Groundwork defines the eyes without making them look small or harsh. I’ll either work it in to my lids or smudge it in to my lower lashes – sometimes both if I’m feeling a bit crazy.
I also snuck in the REN Lip Balm (£9) which was a good decision, this stuff is amazing and feels so velvety on my lips – I’m a bit picky when it comes to lip products but this is seriously good stuff, I love the subtle sweet taste and the easy applicator too.

Have you tried any of these products?

Christmas Gift Guide

posted on: 8 December, 2013


I finally managed to film my Gift Guide video – I’ve been meaning to do it for so long but every time I set up to film, something would go wrong. It’s super dark at the moment and I’m finding it impossible to film – even at midday!

I hope the studio lights aren’t blinding. I’ve listed everything in the description box and linked to the items, please like and subscribe! xo.

A Room Tour.

posted on: 8 November, 2013

I thought I would finally bite the bullet and upload my room tour – I was a bit apprehensive as a bedroom is quite personal but I actually quite enjoyed it. I hope you guys like to have a nosy round, too.

I had to go back and refilm this as it got dark while I was filming (it was midday!) and I had changed things around to stop Mouse getting to them but it’s not massively different. It’s a bit like playing Spot The Difference. Cat owners will understand…

Please do let me know what you think & subscribe to my channel! Thank you.

New In: Urban Decay Summer.

posted on: 17 May, 2013

Urban Decay have a beautiful range of products new in for Summer, I spotted a few ‘Kate’ shades in the bunch so naturally, I was rather excited to get my paws in to these goodies. Urban Decay are a brand that are quite hit and miss with me, sometimes I absolutely adore their products and shades and other times, I’m just not keen at all.

Their eye products do generally get my heart beating, the shades are beautiful (if a little too glittery) and as I love the minimal, easy to wear look I can usually find a fair few that suit me. The first product I tried from the range was one of the newer Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils in Mushroom (£14), a lovely cool taupe eyeshadow stick which is rich in colour and almost matte. This is seriously durable, very pigmented and not sticky on the lids (something I hate yet find with most shadow sticks). It’s definitely one of the better eyeshadow sticks I’ve tried!

Also within the range are the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, the finer, liner equivalent of the aforementioned shadow pencils. In true Urban Decay style, these all have questionable names that we giggle at and choose to ignore (makes them memorable, huh) but so far I’ve been loving Corrupt (a rich chocolate brown), Scorch (a shimmery copper) and Roach (another chocolate brown) – all typical colours for me but I do love a bit of brown pencil smudged in to my bottom lashes for a more defined yet wearable eye so these have been getting a lot of use. They stay creamy for a little while so you can blend in, but they do dry pretty quickly. And once they dry, that’s it – they ain’t going nowhere. Invest in an industrial strength makeup remover pronto.

Last of all, and possibly my favourite of the bunch, the Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette in Rebound (£8) I absolutely adore the idea of these, I have one already and I think they are such a good idea, either for yourself or as a gift. Each of the palettes comes with one neutral shade, in this one it’s the lovely Easy Baked and you fill it up with your own shades. The three I have here are the Urban Decay Moondust shadows in  (clockwise from top right) Space Cowboy, Moonspoon and Intergalactic. These shadows are incredibly shimmery, I adore the colours, I adore looking at them but I think they may be a little shimmery for my liking. I am working myself up to give them a whirl, but Easy Baked is just beautiful – a soft honeycomb that flatters my skin tone and has just the right amount of glittery goodness.

A lovely range of shades and products from Urban Decay – I love the texture of the pencils and I think these are very much suited to me. As always, the quality is beautiful and I think there’s something for everyone here. What do you think of the pieces?

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