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An Introduction to Erborian.

posted on: 22 April, 2014

I’ve been mentioning skincare brand Erborian a lot lately – it would be true to say the brands products are making up a large chunk of my skincare routines! I saw the Erborian stands in Paris and vaguely remembered spying a product of theirs near the till in Space NK – I snapped up one item and have since fallen in love with everything I’ve tried.

The product I first tried, and the product mentioned above, is the Erborian Sleeping BB Mask (£32) – this is a kind of moisture mask that can be used a few times a week to ensure the skin is well nourished. Although Erborian are a luxury French brand, they are influenced by Korean skincare so a lot of their products are BB and CC cremes that help to improve the texture of the skin.
This overnight mask “cocoons” the skin while you snooze, delivering skin-loving ingredients which help to soften and refine the skin, as well as clearing up any imperfections. I’ve seen a massive difference in my complexion since I started using this, I have even given a tube to my mum as I love it so much! It promises super smooth, bright and clear skin and a difference can be seen (and felt!) after the first use! It’s one of those ‘all round’ products that do a whole lot of good for the skin – no matter what your skin type.

My second favourite product from the brand (I picked five of my must haves for this post, but I do love everything I’ve tried!) – is the Erborian CC Creme HD (£36), I won’t lie to you… this stuff works miracles! It’s a hydrating skin tint which adds the most flawless glow to the skin, the pigments brighten the complexion and conceal any signs of imperfections so you really do get a lovely canvas for makeup. It conceals acne scarring, redness and even blemishes and promotes the most gorgeous finish – it’s just so damn effective! It’s a little like the Origins VitaZing but less tint and more miracles. I use this every day as a sort of moisturiser/primer in one, and it really helps to improve the condition of my skin – so much so that I tend to use only powder or a touch of concealer after applying. Dreamy.

Next up, the Erborian Double Peeling Creme – this isn’t so readily available in the UK it seems. I believe Selfridges sell it but it looks like its out of stock at the moment. This is basically an exfoliating mask that gets to work refining the texture of the skin and generally helping to transform a dull, tired complexion. It honestly brightens my skin so, so much – expect a perky, healthy complexion after just one use. I use it on Sunday nights and follow with a clay mask and then the Sleeping BB Mask for supermodel skin (kinda).

I have mentioned the Erborian Herbal Energy Lotion (£22) in my evening skincare routine, this is a staple product for me as it really helps to energise my skin and give it a boost in terms of hydration and radiance. I love using it as my skin instantly looks more dewy, and it’s a lovely product to apply as it feels so refreshing. I use it after cleansing to ensure I’ve removed every trace of impurities from my skin, and then continue on with my usual treatments. I love how much it calms and heals too, it’s definitely a step in my routine I won’t miss out on!

Lastly, the Erborian Yuza Sorbet Day Cream (£43) – this is a skin treat to be applied in the morning, it hydrates with a unique mix of natural ingredients to provide the skin with everything it needs to look awakened and radiant. It instantly relieves dry skin and helps to keep it moisturised throughout the day. I’m very picky when it comes to moisturiser but the texture of this is perfect, it’s refreshing on the skin and feels replenishing even though it’s lovely and light. Applying it is a dream as it feels so soft and smoothing on my face. It’s love!
I also have the night cream version but I’m waiting to finish my current night cream before we get acquainted.

I definitely recommend checking out Erborian if you get the chance, their products have impressed me so much and I’m already thinking about extending my stash!

Have you tried anything from Erborian?

What’s In My (Festive) Makeup Bag.

posted on: 27 December, 2013

I have to admit, I wasn’t planning on wearing too much makeup over Christmas but I brought a few bits and bobs to keep me going – I didn’t want to scare anyone or ruin Christmas.

My makeup bag is from the Laura Mercier Portfolio Collection, which you can buy on sale here. It’s my go-to travel makeup bag as it has a hard outer case so everything is protected and there’s also lots of compartments inside, which makes it easier to sort through and pack makeup as you can see what you have. It’s a little bulky but I make room. Of course, I packed some primers as these always improve my makeup ten-fold and leave me feeling far more happier with the result; Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch (£20.80) and the 17 Skin Wow 3-Way Highlighter (£5.99) were chosen to come with me, the Clarins offering is amazing for smoothing over the skin while the highlighter can be used to add some radiance to the skin, it’s a nice dewy, warm finish that helps makeup come winter. Lately I’ve been wearing these on their own as it’s minimal enough but my skin looks miles better.
I also added in my beloved Laura Mercier Silk Cream Foundation (£33), if you haven’t already got this in your stash, I highly recommend you pick it up before the year is out – you have four days. It’s great coverage and has a lovely radiant, creamy but natural finish that suits my demands perfectly.

As for concealer, the Clarins Instant Concealer (£20) has been my top choice for disguising late nights – I’m still catching up from my birthday last week – it blends beautifully and hides dark circles like magic. I also really love the 17 Phwoarr Paint Concealer (£5.49) for any blemishes, it’s thick but the almost-matte finish means it blends so well and doesn’t look caked on. I’ve got a lot of use out of these lately!

I also threw in my blush of the moment, NARS Orgasm (£21.50) always looks amazing on me and it has just the right amount of shimmer. It’s easy to pat on a bit of concealer, apply Orgasm and I’m set for a lazy day if I need to nip out or whatever. It really does wonders for a pasty complexion!

As for eyes, I went for my usual MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork (£15), at this time of year I’m totally a ‘sweep on and go’ kinda girl and Groundwork defines the eyes without making them look small or harsh. I’ll either work it in to my lids or smudge it in to my lower lashes – sometimes both if I’m feeling a bit crazy.
I also snuck in the REN Lip Balm (£9) which was a good decision, this stuff is amazing and feels so velvety on my lips – I’m a bit picky when it comes to lip products but this is seriously good stuff, I love the subtle sweet taste and the easy applicator too.

Have you tried any of these products?

Christmas Gift Guide

posted on: 8 December, 2013


I finally managed to film my Gift Guide video – I’ve been meaning to do it for so long but every time I set up to film, something would go wrong. It’s super dark at the moment and I’m finding it impossible to film – even at midday!

I hope the studio lights aren’t blinding. I’ve listed everything in the description box and linked to the items, please like and subscribe! xo.

A Room Tour.

posted on: 8 November, 2013

I thought I would finally bite the bullet and upload my room tour – I was a bit apprehensive as a bedroom is quite personal but I actually quite enjoyed it. I hope you guys like to have a nosy round, too.

I had to go back and refilm this as it got dark while I was filming (it was midday!) and I had changed things around to stop Mouse getting to them but it’s not massively different. It’s a bit like playing Spot The Difference. Cat owners will understand…

Please do let me know what you think & subscribe to my channel! Thank you.