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The Perfect Lip Duo.

3 August, 2015

It’s not often I find a lipstick shade that I just have to blog about, but there’s been two lipstick-themed posts this month! If you’re looking for a gorgeous everyday lip shade to try, I may just have the answer… I picked up Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Carnation at the counter recently and instantly fell in love; there’s something about the fresh hue that had me feeling it would be the ideal shade for me. I didn’t try it…

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Beauty Daily Makeup Routines

Dewy Spring Skin.

6 May, 2015

I, like most girls I’m sure, change up my makeup preferences often – one minute eyeliner and I are on a break, and the next I can’t get enough of the stuff. This definitely applies to my skin as well – I swear a couple of months ago I was fully committed to natural, matte skin. With Spring on the way (apparently), I’m now delving in to a dewy complexion… One of my favourite picks throughout the seasons is the…

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Beauty Daily Makeup

Spring Makeup Look.

20 March, 2015

Well, it’s been a while! I haven’t posted an ‘everyday makeup’ sort of post in so, so long, but I uploaded a selfie recently and there were a few requests for my makeup secrets, so here they are… It’s been a week or two of finding old favourites, and I managed to uncover the By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Primer (£42), this stuff smoothes over pores and really ensures the skin is looking as clear and perfected as possible. It’s expensive but…

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Beauty Daily Makeup

The All Year Round Red.

23 December, 2014

You could definitely say that 2014 was the year I got in to red lipstick – although I’m not completely confident wearing it on an everyday basis, I love it as an occasional lip choice. I was introduced to the Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (£19.50) earlier this year, I don’t really see them mentioned much but I definitely feel they deserve more attention. I actually should pick up some more shades because they really do have the most incredible finish.…

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Beauty Daily Makeup

Evening Makeup.

17 December, 2014

When it comes to both day and evening makeup, I tend to stick to what I know – but with a pinch of added drama. It’s not too out there – for me anyway – but it’s easy enough to make it a little more wearable for the day, and then smoke it up at night for an effortless day to night look. I got you covered. I went for Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (£32) as I know this is…

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