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Beauty Spotlight

The MUJI Top Drawer.

24 April, 2015

I’m going to be honest here, the reasoning behind this post is half ‘here’s what I like putting on my face’ and half ‘wow omg ok makeup p0rn’ – as long as we’re all ok with that, I think we can continue… I still have MUJI acrylic drawers sitting on my dressing table packed full of favourite bits and pieces, and every now and again I like to shake things up so as to not forget about what I have…

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Beauty Spotlight

A Spring Edit.

20 April, 2015

Prepare yourself for one big Spring edit coming your way this Monday morning! These happy, colourful, coral-filled roundups are some of my favourite posts, and I just had to do my own… I’ll start with makeup, as it seems it’s my everyday routine that’s taken the biggest hit – I’ll definitely be reaching for my long-time favourite Revlon Photo Ready SkinLights Illuminator in Bare Light (£11.99), if you don’t already own this, add it to your wishlist – it will…

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Beauty Routines Spotlight

The Sunday Skin Selection.

19 April, 2015

A Sunday in the ghostparties household always involves a big old pamper – it just feels right! I am pretty low key with my skincare routine during the week, so I think it’s only fair to go all out when it comes to the weekend… Recently I’ve been reserving the NUDE Detox Brightening Fizzy Wash (£38) for my Sunday night pamper – and it’s a rather interesting little addition. This stuff comes in powdered form (duh) and you mix it…

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Beauty Reviews Spotlight

My Little Chloe Miniature Scents.

17 April, 2015

Why are beauty products just so much more appealing in miniature size? Personally, I like to have smaller sized products – especially perfume – as I often get bored of a scent before I finish the bottle! Chloe have solved that problem with the release of their new ‘My Little Chloe’ 20ml sized fragrances, and they are ADORABLE. There’s three scents to buy, they come individually so you can choose one to suit you. I’ve been a fan of the…

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Beauty Spotlight

Evening Skincare Heroes.

14 April, 2015

I feel like in recent weeks my skincare routine has become so stripped back, I actually stick to a routine and go for products with a few good ingredients within, rather than a tonne of unnecessary, unnatural additions. This is mainly something I learnt from being on the move a few times already this year, and only being able to pack a few skincare favourites in to my carry-on clear bag – in no time, my skin looked all the…

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