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A Brow Tutorial.

posted on: 2 April, 2014

I wasn’t much of a brow person until recently, I guess I was a late bloomer when it came to the little caterpillars and I immediately went straight in with the ol’ wax and brow powder on the poor things – cue really bad brows. Since then I’ve tried every brow product going (gels, tints, powders, pomades, pencils…) and now I’m finally settled on my brow routine. At the grand old age of 23. As you can see, they’re a little bold – I sometimes tone them down a bit or even make them even bolder but I always make sure they look natural. Which I hope they do… brows are very personal so I feel rather vulnerable stripping back and revealing my bare eyebrows for all and sundry. As I always say, brows are sisters, not twins – I have accepted that mine are never going to be identical!
Anyway, here’s a step by step guide of how I do mine – I do apologise for the really close up photos. Hooray for pores! Luckily I was wearing a pretty amazing foundation that I will be posting about in no time… (stay tuned).

WOW. That’ll be my bare brows, ready for some much-needed definition. I start by combing my brows in to shape – I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash (£15.50) as my main product, I love this stuff and it really allows me to get an actual shape to my brows. This is actually my second pencil, I had Brunette originally and it was a little too dark (didn’t stop me though) so this time I went for a lighter shade and it’s perfect. If you’re unsure what shade to go for, there’s a super handy guide on Cult Beauty. I honestly cannot recommend this pencil enough, I talk about it all the time so you’ll probably know this already, but I love how it’s so fine – it creates really hair-like strokes and allows me to get the perfect shape for my brows. So as I said, at this point I just comb the brows – up at an angle at the front, along the length (lol) and then down and along at the er, tail. Technical terms there, again.

Next I start penciling in where my eyebrows should be –  I don’t really change the shape of my brows as such but rather exaggerate it and create more of a shape to them. I tend to start at the arch (if you can call it that) and define this first. I round the top of the arch and also the below, and then pull the pencil down at the end to lengthen my brows a little. Even just extending the brow out a few mms really changes the whole shape.

Next I move on to the start of the brow, I’m not sure why I do it this way, I think I just prefer it. I use light strokes to create the illusion of hair here to basically fatten them up. I do this until I’m happy with the shape.

As you can see, my brows get a little dark and start to look unnatural with all that definition, so at this point I go back and use the comb to soften them a little. I just brush through each brow a good few times until I’m happy with the result.

Finally, I go in with the Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark (£17.50) – you’re probably wondering why I bother, or at least you better be. The reason for this is that I find that my brows look a little flat, although they have a great shape they need a little bit of volumising. The Gimme Brow is amazing for setting brows in place and also for really plumping them up –  I find they pretty much come to life (not really, that would be terrifying. Can you imagine? Browzilla!!!) and basically look a lot more like they’re all my own hair.

Et voila! Brows be done. Two products, approximately four minutes.

Have you tried these products?

The Topshop Scarf.

posted on: 20 March, 2014

You may remember that one of my New Year’s beauty resolutions was to be a little more inventive with my hair – actually, that’s pretty weird if you do remember really. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off a bow in my hair, they always look super cute and now my hair is back to plain ol’ brown, I thought it was time to make a little more effort.

I found this Topshop Geo Scarf (£16) recently and I knew it was the one. I’ve been after a good scarf forever, I often tie them around my neck like a scout (seriously) so I knew I would get some use out of it one way or another.
I tend to roll up the scarf, not too neatly, and wrap it around my head  (starting with the flat bit of the scarf going over the top of my head) and twist it under at the nape of my neck. I then bring it up and tie it in a messy bow on top. I either do this on my hair when it’s down or, as you can see, when it’s tied up. Simples. I think it really works with my short fringe and hair length and it’s great for hiding unwashed locks…

I also sometimes do a cute turban style too, I just place the scarf under the nape of my neck, bring the ends up and twist them around each other twice and then down again before securing under my hair. I prefer a bow if I’m honest.
Occasionally, I’ll opt for what I like to call the ‘Axl Rose’ and tie the scarf over my loose hair, rather than under it. It’s a daring ‘do to be honest and I’m always worried about being heckled on the streets of Glasgow.

What do you think of hair scarves? Too 90s or a-ok?

Effortless Waves Tutorial.

posted on: 6 March, 2014

I have to admit, I’m pretty minimal when it comes to this old hair. I’ve never, ever been one to make much effort with my hair – it’s not entirely awful natural and I do just give it a lazy blowdry and leave it most days but when I’m actually going somewhere, I like to do this casual wavy style. It takes just minutes and so it’s ideal for rushed mornings or basically every morning if you’re like me and can’t commit to any demanding hairstyle.

To begin, I use the Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner (£14.85), this is a leave-in conditioner that makes detangling messy locks a dream! I love this stuff, it smells heavenly and also has heat protectant in there too. I then spray on my beloved Sachajuan Ocean Mist (£18), another god-send for my hair. This doesn’t do much in terms of adding waves to my hair, but then again nothing does. If I use it on my hair without using hair oil or serum and leave it to dry naturally, it does give me quite a lovely, waved finish admittedly but I don’t have time to do this every day. And I like using hair oil.
Instead I use this stuff to add some texture and body to my fine hair. My hair is too soft so it doesn’t usually stay in styles, but the Ocean Mist allows me to create waves and have a bit of grit to my fluffy locks. I then blowdry my hair as I would usually, I’m pretty casual with this too as you might have guessed.

Next, I use my straighteners – I have the ghd IV Styler (£89) – to create a lovely wave in my hair. To do this, I take a small strand of hair maybe 3cm thick and place the irons near the top (you can be quite casual with this, it’s a messy kinda style) and then gently rock and twist the straighteners as you come down the hair, one way and then the next. Just hold the straighteners against the hair, clamp down and move the irons maybe 45 degrees forwards, and twist them back 45 degrees as you move the irons down a little. Keep doing this as you move down the hair. It takes minutes to do the whole head and it’s oh so simple.
Once I’ve done my whole head with this twisty method, I shake a lot of the Bumble and bumble Pret-A-Powder (£21.50) in to the lengths and at the roots. This doesn’t dry the hair out, but it really adds lots of volume and body – plus it’s a style extender so it really holds your style in place. I adore it!

Finally, I finish off with the beautiful Bumble Cityswept Finish (£21.50) – a new release from the brand. This is another multi-tasking product but it kind of manages to give hair a lovely lived-in, tousled look. I’m not sure how else to describe it, but it’s amazing for making waves and layers look even more effortless. Serious Alexa Chung hair after using this, let me tell you.
I scrunch it through my hair and then I’m all set!

Will you be trying this out?


Drugstore Makeup Tutorial: Glowing Skin & Bright Cheeks.

posted on: 16 January, 2014


I’ve been going for quite a laid back makeup routine lately, very radiant skin, subtle eyes but bright lips and cheeks and I just adore it – I love so fresh faced and my eyes look very awake for once, so I recreated it using only drugstore products – it was a success.

As always, I’ve mentioned and linked to the products mentioned in the description box – let me know what you think of the finished look!