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Messy Curls Hair Tutorial.

By On 26 May, 2014

After wearing my hair curled in a recent video, a few of you (two at the most) requested a hair tutorial for my messy ‘do. This was actually really fun to do… Read More


Everyday Makeup: Spring Edition.

By On 12 May, 2014

I have found myself with a simple makeup routine that I have been doing most days lately, it’s quite a Spring-appropriate look and it’s perfect for anyone who (like me) doesn’t suit… Read More


Adding Thickness To A Fringe.

By On 5 May, 2014

A lot of the time when I talk about my fringe or whatever, people tell me they could never have a fringe (full or otherwise) because their hair isn’t thick enough. My… Read More


DIY Manicure Routine.

By On 2 May, 2014

I’ve been promising a full manicure routine for so long now (I say that about all my videos, don’t I?) so here it is! I have to admit that I have exceptionally… Read More


A Brow Tutorial.

By On 2 April, 2014

I wasn’t much of a brow person until recently, I guess I was a late bloomer when it came to the little caterpillars and I immediately went straight in with the ol’… Read More