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5 Things: Cutting Down on Dairy.

28 March, 2015

To break things up a bit, I thought I’d do something a little different today and talk about cutting down on dairy. I first started cutting out dairy a couple of years ago, for a few reasons really – for starters I was suffering with my skin and thought dairy might be the cause (it often is) and I’d never really been a big milk drinker so it seemed like a good idea. Although I wouldn’t ever drink a glass…

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Paris in Pictures.

18 March, 2015

You requested a Paris post, and I am delivering the goods. Paris was just beautiful, sunny but crisp most days and it even reached 20C one day. It was divine! Get the EasyJet app and search for cheap flights immediately, ladies… I have been to Paris quite a few times, so this isn’t a guide as such but rather a little insight in to my trip. If you want to see a guide, I posted one here, and if you…

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A New Look.

16 March, 2015

What did I tell you – a redesign was on the cards. I definitely needed a new look to this little blog, so I set about it yesterday morning. I update this blog daily, so I get really sick of looking at it so quickly – if it wasn’t such a hassle, I would probably change my blog layout on a weekly basis! I’m still trying up loose ends so there will probably be a few issues until I notice…

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Setting Goals & Achieving New Things…

15 March, 2015

Sunday posts are usually always lifestyle posts for me, I like to take this time to actually blog about what’s going on with me and other little goals and challenges – hopefully you guys can share some of yours in the comments too! I love to look back on these posts in six months or so and see what I’ve achieved, so they’re a really fun type of post to do. Home So our flat projects have kind of come…

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5 Things: Packing Light & Streamlining Those Cosmetics.

7 March, 2015

I never thought I would say this, but in recent months I’ve actually become very good at packing light. Who knew this day would come. As I’m jetting off today, I thought I’d write up some tips on how to keep your cosmetics streamlined when you travel… Be Realistic I am always tempted to pack a couple of face masks or more than one serum, as I often get dull or blemish-prone skin at the most inconvenient of times. I have,…

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