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Berlin in Photos.

By On 30 January, 2015

I have been promising this post since before I even went to Berlin – I wanted to do a little ‘city guide/photo album’ sort of thing, so you can see what we… Read More


5 Things: An Instagram Roundup.

By On 25 January, 2015

I don’t think I’ve ever done an Instagram roundup on this here blog, which is odd considering I’m beyond addicted to the ways of the photo sharing App. I follow some pretty… Read More


5 Things: Feeling Great in January.

By On 17 January, 2015

For me, January blues are a very real thing; the Christmas fun is over, I have some sort of food hangover and the weather is miserable day after day. Everyone is in… Read More


What’s In My Bag.

By On 14 January, 2015

It’s (almost) compulsory to do a ‘what’s in my bag’ post when a new handbag has been purchased; I love these kinds of posts so I wasted no time emptying the contents… Read More


5 Things: Feeling Motivated.

By On 10 January, 2015

So after my ‘getting organised’ post went up this week, I thought I would also jot down my tips for getting your ass in gear. Basically. Unlike everyone else who seems to… Read More