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5 Things: Lots of News!

11 April, 2015

I feel like these past few weeks have been some of the most eventful of my life! Lots has gone on, so I thought rather than you seeing glimpses here and there on Instagram and Twitter or whatever, I’d fill you in here… 01. First of all, we got a new kitty cat! Tigger (the big ginger boy at the top there) is my family cat, we got him around ten years ago – you may have seen him in…

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Events Life

5 Things: Reasons To Be Happy.

28 February, 2015

I feel like I always have lots of news and things to tell you guys, but nowhere to do it – I don’t often do personal, personal posts, which is odd as this is a personal blog. In light of this discovery, I thought I would update you a little and encourage a bit of positive thinking amongst you all… 01. I really didn’t get that ‘new year, new me’ feeling in January, but it has slowly started to kick…

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Birthday Fun.

21 December, 2014

Twenty four! I think we’re all a tad surprised I made it this far… I had a birthday party on Friday before I left Glasgow so I thought I would post some of the snaps here. We started the day off with a birthday cocktail making session – how all Friday’s should start in my opinion. The cocktails are all posts coming on Nouvelle so look out for them this week and next. Obviously making them had to involve drinking…

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Paris With Birchbox.

9 November, 2014

As you’re probably aware, I’ve been in Paris this week with the lovely Birchbox lot (and a few awesome bloggers) so I thought I would let you know what we got up to in the two days we were there. Day one started with a very early wake up call, and my first ever trip on the Eurostar – which went very quickly, although I was sitting next to an over-caffeinated Emma who was rabbiting on for the whole journey!…

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5 Things: An Update.

25 October, 2014

I always like to do a little update once per month, to replace the ‘Instagram roundup’ posts we all used to do. If you’re not already following me on Instagram, I highly recommend it (but then I would say that). The past few weeks have been busy but super fun, I’ve packed SO much in… 01. Allll by mysellfffff, don’t wanna be allll by myseeeelffff. Yep, boyfriend is off for a MAMMOTH tour around Europe, he’s been away for more…

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