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Chats etc. – Having A Cat.

posted on: 20 April, 2014

We alllll know I’m a cat lady, so a video like this was a long time coming. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t done it sooner! You guys asked for more chatty videos, so I thought I would make a ‘Chats etc.’ series to talk about, well… everything really. I wanted to start with how we got Mouse, what it’s like having a cat and other questions I get asked a lot.

It won’t be for everyone, but it was super fun to film – I’ll be sure to keep up the chatty videos so feel free to recommend topics.

Hope you enjoy & happy Easter!

Boots Makeup Haul.

posted on: 26 February, 2014

I’ll set the scene. I’m having a bad day, I’m heading home from an appointment in the wind and rain to go back to my computer, when I take a detour to the pearly entrance of Boots. Then I spy those glorious 3for2 banners hanging from the ceiling. Cue instant happiness.

Of course, a few small purchases were made! How could I resist? As always, I’ve linked to the products in the description box and I’ll be sure to review the items in a couple of weeks when I’ve given them a proper go!


Drugstore Must Haves.

posted on: 13 February, 2014

There’s just something about wandering the aisles of Boots, basket in hand. Trolley is probably more likely… Boots, why don’t you do trolley’s?

I have a new video series, Drugstore Must Haves! I couldn’t think of a better name. A little roundup of the drugstore products I think are definitely worth buying, they’re high quality and I would pay even more for them without question.

I have listed the products in the description bar, enjoy!

Budget Blemish Skincare.

posted on: 9 February, 2014

I know better than anyone how frustrating having bad skin is, and I imagine it’s even worse if you have a budget to work with. So I gathered up the skincare I use to help care for my skin that doesn’t cost a fortune and here we are, a budget blemish skincare video.

I wouldn’t say this is specifically for one age group, these products will work for all skin types, ages and most concerns – from oiliness, dehydrated skin, dull skin, blemish-prone or acne-prone skin, scarring etc.
I’ve linked to all the products in the description box, let me know what you think!