A Reading Nook.

7 September, 2014 59 Comments

One thing I wanted when I had my own place was a quiet corner for reading and other things (refreshing Twitter endlessly), with a comfy chair and greenery and a nice lamp.… Read More


5 Things: Upping Your Blog Game.

6 September, 2014 74 Comments

01. Scheduling Social Media I think this is quite an important one, as I find most of my new reads through Twitter. I don’t think it’s at all spammy to plug your… Read More


Get Party Ready With Me.

5 September, 2014 35 Comments

For me, Friday nights are for catching up with my favourite people so I always make sure I’ve got something in the diary. I’ve never really done a ‘get ready to party’… Read More


Sachajuan Hair Repair.

4 September, 2014 26 Comments

I mentioned recently that I’ve made a little promise to myself to take better care of my hair, I’m the most minimal (nice word for lazy) person ever when it comes to… Read More


Olay Glow Perfectors.

3 September, 2014 25 Comments

- sponsored post - I find it almost impossible to find good skincare on a budget, especially anything that does more than just moisturise. So when Olay asked me to team up… Read More