Everyday Cleansing Oils.

posted on: 8 April, 2014

I find cleansing oils the easiest product to cleanse with; despite my love of skincare, I still find the evening cleanse a laborious task- though mainly because I have to move. Now that a cleansing oil is a staple in my routine, it takes no time at all, and I can rest assured that my makeup has been properly removed.

The newest addition to my routine is the Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleansing Oil (£29), the latest release from the brand. I consider EH one of my favourite skincare brands, I have three of their cleansers and I’ve repurchased the other two numerous times. I find the natural approach and ingredients list always agrees with my skin, and they’re so incredibly effective without the use of nasty chemicals. The latest cleansing oil is definitely my favourite of the lot, despite the awkwardly large packaging. It has a pump to dispense which is obviously amazing when it comes to oils, it’s also quite light – not a gloopy oil. I could say that about all four of these though, as that’s why I like them. I squeeze a couple of pumps in to my hands, rub ‘em together to disperse and then apply to my face. I start by gently massaging this in to my eyes first – one of the reasons this is now my favourite is that it completely melts away eye makeup in seconds. As soon as the oil touches eye makeup, you can feel even the thickest, toughest mascara being melted away. I then work it in to the rest of my face and use a face cloth and warm water to remove. Like most cleansing oils, it turns in to kind of a light milk on contact with water so it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave residue.

Next up, the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil (£28) – before the aforementioned came along, this was my evening cleanser of choice. I have to say it’s quite similar to the EH offering, so I tend to swap them about throughout the week. I adore NUDE, it has the same ethos as Elemental Herbology and they use natural ingredients in their skincare products which I definitely prefer. I prefer the packaging of this, it is the same size of the EH offering but isn’t so chunky. This is pretty similar to EH to be honest, and a whole £1 cheaper – I use it in the same way as I use my other cleansing oils and this still takes off my makeup incredibly well. I find that it takes just that little bit longer to remove eye makeup though, so that’s why I tend to prefer using the EH oil. I would definitely repurchase this though, I love how effortless it is – my skin always looks so glowing and healthy after use too. I find cleansing oils are so great for decongesting the skin, as well as removing makeup, so they’re a great choice if you have problem skin like myself. Just follow up with your usual cleansing and ta-da, happy skin.

The next product is actually a pre-cleansing oil, the Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Oil (£9.99) is a product that you apply to dry skin before cleansing, it helps to eliminate impurities and creates a really lovely aroma (and therefore experience) when you cleanse. I’ve just about finished this bottle, I tend to apply it liberally because it just feels so lovely and luxurious. The nourishing formula is packed with great ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin, I could spend hours massaging this in to the skin in the evenings – I find that it helps to lift makeup and impurities, so when you follow with your usual cleanser,  you get a really thorough deep cleanse. It feels gorgeous to use, and I think it’s great to massage your skin every once in a while. After spending a few minutes doing so, I use a warm cloth and wipe it away before using another makeup remover to ensure my skin is purified.

Lastly, the Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil (£21), this isn’t too pricey compared to the others here but my issue with this is that you have to buy a pump for it – which I never have so it doesn’t get used as much as it should. The opening is huge so you really waste so much product trying to tip it out. Other than that, it’s a lovely product – not so natural or effective as the Elemental Herbology and NUDE offerings so they tend to be my first choices, but it’s pretty reasonable for a premium brand – and I’m quite the fan of Origins.
This feels silky on the skin, removes easily and doesn’t leave a film on the skin. I love how quickly it cleanses and my skin always looks clearer after use – now, time to buy that pump!

Overall, I’m pretty sold on cleansing oils – they melt away makeup, tend not to smear it around the face, and they manage to remove impurities without leaving a film on the skin. They’re the quickest, more efficient way to remove makeup and they work for all skin types – even oily or blemish prone skin will find that these help the skin, they don’t leave any residue behind and actually manage to slough away dead skin cells and purify the skin. I definitely recommend giving one a try if you haven’t already.

Have you tried a cleansing oil?


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Kérastase Spray A Porter.

posted on: 7 April, 2014

You may remember that I mentioned this salt spray in a beauty haul last week, I was going to wait a little longer before I reviewed it but I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I guess I’ve been using it for a little over a week now, but I have to wash my hair every day so I guess that’s enough time to review a salt spray.

While on the hunt for something that would actually put waves in my straight hair, Meg recommended the Kérastase Spray A Porter (£18.40) – a salt spray that allows for natural movement in the hair, meaning you get all the benefits of a salt spray but without the crispy, dry feeling. I have to admit, I love using salt sprays but I find they either leave my hair looking a bit lank, give it a crispy, dry look or really make my hair super frizzy and out of control. Spray A Porter does none of this, the light mist smells lovely and is applied super easy – I just brush my damp hair in to style, spray a few pumps all over the length, separate the hair with my fingers and sometimes twist a few sections and then leave it to dry.

The result is, well as you can see, I have waves in my usually quite straight hair and it also looks very thick – especially my fringe. I haven’t used heat at all, which is ideal as my hair is in need of some repair! It does give hair quite a tousled look, I prefer a messier look so it’s perfect – I wouldn’t say it’s in any way frizzy though, it’s just enough of a tousled look without bordering on bird’s nest territory. My hair still looks shiny and polished, but with way more texture and wave.

I wouldn’t go a day without using this now, even just for thickening up my hair and adding a little wave. I use it in my fringe for texture and volume and the lengths for a more effortless look – my hair still has all the natural movement, it doesn’t feel stiff or dried out and it still has a shine to it. It’s definitely worth the pricetag and since you only need a couple of sprays, I can see it lasting some time. This is actually the first styling product I’ve tried from Kerastase and I’m hooked – and just in time for summer.

Have you tried this?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

This Week’s Most Loved… #79.

posted on: 6 April, 2014


It’s that time again! – I have no idea why I insist on starting these posts with that opening line, I’m hellbent on making it my Krusty the Clown-esque catchphrase. Anyway, another round of amazing products coming your way – for once I can say I have used each of these products every day this week!

To start, I’ve been spritzing on this Sachajuan Leave In Conditioner (£21), something I bought recently as I have extremely tangly hair. Extremely tangly. Sometimes I even get my boyfriend to brush through it while I distract myself playing Connect Four (the app, that is. This is 2014).
I mentioned on Twitter recently that I have been reverse-washing my hair, that is using conditioner first and then using shampoo. Insane, am I right? The reason being is that my hair is quite fine yet tangly (did I mention it was tangly? Oh I did, pardon me) so I use quite a lot of conditioner but it doesn’t wash out all that well, leaving my hair looking lank, dull and weighed down. Since I’ve been opting for the reverse method, my hair has been super shiny, soft and bouncy – but I can’t get the brush through it as easily. Enter this conditioning spray, the light mist softens any knots and makes it easier to brush through. It also helps to keep my hair healthy and glossy – a bit of a winner in my eyes. My Sachajuan obsession (obsacha-juan? No?) is getting out of hand, truth be told.

Next up, a new skincare addition that I have been elle oh vee ee… you get the point. I’ve been trialling a fair bit from Omorovicza lately, but one product that has stood out to me is the Queen Of Hungary Mist (£46) – probably the most expensive toner ever! Before I got in to toners (all of six months ago), I would never have even considered paying this much for such a product, but I just had to see what all the fuss was about. This aims to rejuvenate the skin, freshening up the complexion with every spritz and just generally leaving the skin dewy and hydrated. I always use it when I come out of the shower to soothe my skin, it works miracles on redness, and helps to create a nice moisturised base for my treatments and makeup. I also use it throughout the day to revive makeup, and if I’ve overdone it on the powder. It’s pretty lovely but also very pricey.

This leads me on to my next product, my current base of choice. The Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Cover Airbrush Powder Foundation (£34) – I’ve been looking for a foundation powder for a little while now and I have most certainly found it in this little wonder. The super perfecting powder has been concealing my acne scars so well, and it looks so natural when applied. It comes with a brush which is just perfect for buffing in the product, and the design of the tub means that although it’s a loose powder, there’s never any mess. I will do a full review this week, but just know that I am obsessed!
(Just a heads up, though – this is what I was wearing on my skin in the brow tutorial post!)

Also a favourite of mine this week is the NARS And God Created Women Palette, which was released some time ago but I tend to still use it in my everyday routines which is why it’s a bit gross looking now. I try not to own palettes that are limited edition because it feels like I can’t use them again, but luckily for you lot this contains shades which you can buy singularly or in a duo. The shades that I use often are Kalahari (the shade on the top left) and Galapagos – although I love and use them all. I love Kalahari all over the lid and it’s pretty much an everyday shade for me. So easy to wear!

Finally, the YSL Gloss Volupte Lipglosses (£21) are currently my lip product of choice at the moment. I have two shades, seen here is 203 which is the perfect coral shade. I’ve never been much of a gloss person but these are lovely, subtle but noticeable colour, lip-plumping shimmer and they have the most gorgeous watermelon scent. Highly recommend!

Have you tried any of these?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

5 Things: Discovering New Beauty Brands.

posted on: 5 April, 2014

It may just be my beauty blogger ways that make me always want to find new brands, or that I’m trying to be a little more natural when it comes to my choices – whatever it is, I just like the feeling of coming across a new brand. Of course, if you read a lot of beauty blogs, you may not need such a guide but I think it’s nice to sometimes stray from the brands you simply find in Boots or whatever. I have a few ways to seek out new brands that may change my life…

Get Familiar With Cult Beauty
I’ve mentioned Cult Beauty before, but if you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically an online beauty outlet that stocks only ‘cult’ products, those that have a loyal following, are used by makeup artist’s around the globe or even have celebrity fans. The team running Cult Beauty keep on top of this and there are new brands being added regularly, I discovered brands such as Anastasia, CND, Escentric Molecules, Oskia, Sachajuan, RMS Beauty and Sunday Riley through Cult Beauty and some of them are now my favourite brands. Check their forever updated New In section and browse what’s there, and then head over to their Top Rated area for the best bits.
Whenever you come across a product that sounds like what you’re looking for, have a good read of both the ‘Why It’s Cult’ box and the Description – then check the celebrity following and reviews. That will really seal the deal.
I’ve really come to trust the site now, so I know that anything I buy is going to be amazing – they also let you choose samples each time you purchase which will be a big help to some!

Browse The Makeup Artist’s Kits 
One thing I’ve always loved to do is have a good ol’ browse through makeup artist’s kits – it’s a surefire way to find some good ‘uns. I follow quite a few MUAs on Instagram for this very reason, I particularly love Lisa Eldridge because she gives the people what they want – models and makeup. I could spend hours drooling over all the products laid out in her snaps. I also love @lotstar, her pictures are a dream! Of course, there’s Charlotte Tilbury too, and one of my favourites @RoseShock – incredible scenes. They don’t always post pictures of their kit, but when they do… wowza. Cue me zooming in on my iPhone screen, making notes and generally being a bit of a weirdo.

Go For Natural
I think it’s a lot easier to find new natural brands, you only have to look at what’s in it to know that it’s going to be a winner. For example, brands like Antipodes & Pai Skincare, I hadn’t heard of when I started using them but their product description was pretty impressive. A lot of these brands aren’t too pricey either, so it’s worth giving them a go. Others I like in this sort of category include Korres, REN, Trilogy and RMS. You could also head straight to Be Content, a website that sells only natural and organic cosmetics. I know some of the brands do small sizes too, so you can trial a sample size for less first.

Keep An Open Mind
Sometimes, you have to look past that boring packaging and see the product for what it may well be. I know a few brands that I use don’t have the prettiest of packaging, but if the reviews are good and it sounds like what you may need, give it a go. You can only try! I think it’s easy to get caught up in the ease of the budget or premium brands we are so familiar with and forget there’s some truly amazing up and coming brands. Then you can spread the word!

Go For Exotic Brands
I have really come to love brands from around the globe, they tend to use ingredients from their region – for example Korres uses a lot of old Greek recipes that have been adapted, and Antipodes include many ingredients which have been used by the Maoris (native New Zealanders) for years and years. There’s also Sachajuan, one of my favourite haircare brands, which comes from a cult Swedish salon – they use their own marine technology to get super shiny locks.
While these brands are readily stocked here in the UK, they definitely bring something a little different to your beauty routine.

How do you find new brands? Any tips to add?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.