5 Things: A Glasgow Salon Guide.

16 May, 2015

When I moved to Glasgow a few years ago, I had to start all over again with my salons – it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut with your choice of hairdresser or whatever, but I’ve been trying to shake things up a little in a bid to try new places to recommend. I think I’ve got a pretty solid list here, but feel free to recommend some of your own! I usually find most of my salons…

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Four To Try.

15 May, 2015

I’m celebrating Friday with a ‘four to try’ post, as it’s been so long since I last got one of these up. I love doing these mini roundups as they’re super positive and always filled with the best buys… I got an amazing delivery this week, a big package of Raw Press juices and the new Origins releases! It was a happy morning, so happy that I’m thinking about doing one of the Raw Press cleanses – has anyone tried…

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Beauty Spotlight

Makeup Medley #19.

13 May, 2015

I’m giving you the chance to rummage through my makeup bag again this month, and as you can probably tell from the above picture – it’s a very Spring inspired selection! I am trying a new concealer at the moment and it’s pretty awesome; Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector (£29) is a new release from the brand, a skincare/makeup hybrid that aims to instantly conceal bags and dark circles, while working behind the scenes to restore radiance and perk…

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Home Inspiration

Updating a Blank Space.

12 May, 2015

Since getting in to interiors, I’ve been all about the ‘trial and error’ approach when decorating my home. You’ll often noticed that prints, plants and ornaments move from room to room until they find a forever home. It works for me, and I get to shake things up without spending a penny. However, I’ve had a blank wall in my living room (behind my sofa, such an awkward place!) for a few months now and nothing, NOTHING, worked. I moved…

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Beauty Routines

Six Skincare Staples.

11 May, 2015

This last six months or so has seen me completely streamline my skincare routine; I’ve gone from having five or six treatments on the go, to using one cleanser and one facial oil. The result? My skin has never looked better. I’m still working on the blemish scarring,  but on the whole my complexion is looking pretty awesome. I always use a creamy cleanser as my skin needs hydration – I find gels and foams are too drying and really…

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