A Sunday Well Spent…

10 May, 2015

…Brings a week of content! I thought I would do a Sunday roundup post today, as I haven’t had a minute to take any home snaps – and I’ve been Instagrammin’ loads so you’ve probably spied everything new… 01. This week I’ve been clearing out my makeup (so many limited edition products I just can’t hoard any longer! Sob!) and generally having a spring clean. There’s no better way to clear your mind than a good clear out, and although…

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Inspiration Life Travel

5 Things: Planning A Big Trip!

9 May, 2015

You may remember me excitedly announcing that I was off to New York recently, in just three weeks in fact! I am almost too excited about this, I have already started thinking about what I’m going to take (usually a night before job for me, so this is serious!) and I’ve even started properly planning our trip. Whenever I go away, I spend a couple of hours planning what I want to do and trying to pack it all in.…

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Home Wishlist

Home Wishing.

8 May, 2015

You would think that my house would be full by now, considering how often I purchase bits for my home – but nope, I’m still finding places to put things. This month’s wishlist isn’t very Spring-like at all, I’m loving dark shades and pops of gold… Little & Fierce Print My mission at the moment is to fill my home with prints from my favourite artist, Cat Coquillette! I have a couple of her prints already, but I absolutely must…

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Beauty Daily Makeup Routines

Dewy Spring Skin.

6 May, 2015

I, like most girls I’m sure, change up my makeup preferences often – one minute eyeliner and I are on a break, and the next I can’t get enough of the stuff. This definitely applies to my skin as well – I swear a couple of months ago I was fully committed to natural, matte skin. With Spring on the way (apparently), I’m now delving in to a dewy complexion… One of my favourite picks throughout the seasons is the…

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Styling Bell Jars.

5 May, 2015

If you spend as much time swooning over interiors as I do, it’s likely you’ve spotted the latest interior must have; bell jars. I’m all about simple touches like this, I would probably describe my interior style as ‘organised clutter’ – I love having everything on display, there’s plants, ornaments, candles and books on show in every room! I have been on the lookout for bell jars for a couple of months now, but they were hard to find for…

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