Huge Drugstore Haul.

posted on: 17 November, 2013

I mentioned on Instagram recently that I had had a little splurge in Superdrug and Boots (those damn 3 for 2s!) and so a haul was obviously going to make its way on to my channel at some point!

I am having a budget beauty week on my blog this week, so that was the main reason for my shopping trip – and because I fancied emptying Boots of half its stock. I’ve mentioned and linked to every item mentioned (bar the Revlon highlighter there, it went AWOL when I was filming – later found on my desk… obviously), so make sure to watch in YouTube and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Have you tried any of these items?

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This Week’s Most Loved… #59.

posted on: 17 November, 2013

Well, would you look at that – it seems as if I’m starting my drugstore series early with this lot. I’ve really been loving so many of the Boots and Superdrug items I purchased last weekend (those 3for2s get me everytime!) and I had to include them in my weekly loves post.

I’ll start with the priciest of the lot, the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish Masque (£33) is something I literally slather on when my skin is breaking out. It contains chamomile which really helps to reduce the size of really inflamed spots, such as under the skin blemishes. Whenever I have one of those bad boys, this goes straight on – I just apply it to cleansed skin and leave it on for ten or fifteen minutes while I work away at my desk. It makes quite the difference and it’s great before big events, the clay draws out impurities and soothes the redness so skin always looks a lot better.

I got the 17 Skin Wow 3 Way Highlighter Primer (£5.99) recently and I do love it, but the name really makes me laugh –  ”skin wow… much highlight… wow…” thanks Doge! Anyway, this is a really great highlighter that can be used under the foundation, over the foundation or mixed in with your base of choice. I use it after moisturiser and before foundation, it gives a dewy glow to the skin and generally helps to give the appearance of a clearer complexion. For the price, it’s absolutely amazing and I really can’t fault it – even if you do find it too shimmery, you can just mix it with your moisturiser or apply less. Definitely worth a purchase, well done 17! You have upped your game.
Next up on my affordable agenda is the Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeshadow in Iced Fudge (£4.09), I have to admit that I own about three individual shadows so it was time I bought a few more and I couldn’t say no to these lovely Maybelline shades. Iced Fudge is a very cool taupe with a kind of purple hint to it, it looks like something you would get in the Naked palettes but it’s very wearable and so, so easy to blend. I just adore it and will shortly be heading back some more as I think they had quite a few lovely shades.

Finally, my nail colour of choice at the moment is this Essie Aruba Blue polish (£7.99) – how pretty?! I love these inky blue hues for nails, they’re quite autumn appropriate but aren’t the usual crimson shades (which I usually tend to pass on). It has a slight frosty iridescent to it and has lasted incredibly well on my nails so i’m pretty much in love with it.

What have you been feelin’ lately?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Currently Loving #31.

posted on: 16 November, 2013

This week has been pretty jam-packed, mostly with work, blogging and filming but I have managed to squeeze in a few fun things, too. As always, you can follow me on Instagram for more updates.

Last weekend, Jordan and I went out so I used my new Babyliss Pro Curl gadget which I’ve actually had for some time but it took me a while to get over my fear of my hair being sucked up. As someone who likes to spend roughly three minutes on her hair, I do tend to leave it as it is most of the time but I really wanted to do something a little different with my hair. Enter a curled ‘do that settled in to lovely waves after a little while – and damn, that thing is quick! I will do a full tutorial on it soon, but I am no longer afraid and it’s very easy/quick to use.

On Sunday I wanted to hunt down the famous soup/breadbaskets from the West End, we went to Cafe Go Go which is on the lane just before Ashton Lane (where the Zizis is, in Glasgow). I felt SO FULL after munching on this but it was amazing. I’m not really a soup person unless I make it myself (I know), mainly because I have teeth and also find them a little bland but this was great. Soup in a bread bowl. Amazing.

I went on a little drugstore haul also, the reason for this being that I’m doing a budget series on gh0stparties next week – I had a few people ask for drugstore videos so I clumped five posts and two videos together! I have spent the last few weeks finding ‘affordable alternatives’ for my favourite high end products. I hope you’re excited…
I also attended a MAC Techniques event which was amazing, I love the MAC events as you really do learn so much. MACs head makeup artist, Cher, is incredibly talented and its amazing to see her work. I get so sucked in and I’m mentally making notes along the way so it’s a lovely experience. We went as bloggers but you can buy tickets, just ask at your local counter.

I took more photos of my flat for a home updates post, mainly a sort of ‘autumn themed’ video and also because I’m constantly updating the place! You will probably notice that I tend to rearrange and reorganise our house constantly but I like it to look fresh.

I also uploaded my very first lookbook this week, head over to my channel to have a look at that.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

The 30 Minute Skin Detox.

posted on: 15 November, 2013


Whenever my skin gets a little clogged or spotty, I have a routine that I reach for that works quickly and makes my skin feel like new. Of course, I change up some components from time to time but the routine is pretty much the same.

I start by gently cleansing, using a hot cloth cleanser and a warm cloth (and lots of massaging) to get in there and remove makeup and any other grimes. My current favourite is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser (£5.99), a cheap yet pretty brilliant cleanser that is very similar to what you would expect for a more premium brand. The product is thick, has very little scent and melts away makeup quickly. I love the cloth that comes with this, I usually use a face cloth but this one is super soft and nice. It contains ingredients to remove impurities from the skin’s surface and is also super softening.

After cleansing, I’m pretty to use a couple of masks for some serious skin detoxing goodness. I start with the REN F10 Smooth and Renew Mask (£20), my favourite for renewing the skin and giving it a little bit of brightening action. I prefer this one to many other masks, it’s formulated without glycolactic acid so it’s very gentle but also surprisingly effective – I much prefer it to the brands Glycolactic Mask. This contains ingredients which aim to reduce inflammations, so I usually use it when I have a breakout (especially those heinous under the skin blemishes), but it really exfoliates the skin and leaves it looking so fresh and revived. I like this for helping to fade acne scars, reduce the size of spots and for just gently purifying the skin – so dead skin cells are removed and I go in with my detoxing mask and treatments without anything to stop them working.
One of my favourite clay masks has to be the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask (£22), I find this is amazing stuff for clearing out the pores and also helping spots to clear up. I always reach for this when my skin is breaking out and it works so quickly to dry up the spots and reduce the size of them, without zapping the skin of hydration. I also find this amazing for when skin needs to be cleared out after a hormonal patch or a heavy weekend, I often save it for sunday nights – using it after a brightening peel mask for best results.
If you find skin is oily, pores are clogged or you’re breaking out – it will save you!

Once my skin has been throughly cleansed and treated, I move on to my much-loved Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil (£20), something that I always highly recommend. It really saves my skin, making it feel far more nourished and I’ve also found that it can work miracles on blemishes. I tend to apply a few drops in to my palm, use the tips of my fingers to apply a little to the middle of my face and my chin and sweep the product lightly outwards. I then rub my palms together and use the flat of my hands to smooth it over my forehead and massage it out more from the middle of my face. My skin always feels silky soft after using this, and a lot of under the skin blemishes and other spots are quickly cleared up.

Finally, I finish with a good amount of moisturiser. At the moment I’m loving this Korres Wild Rose 24 Hr Moisturiser (£20), I love Korres as a brand and their products work so well to help my skin look its best. This moisturiser is one of my favourites, it’s packed full of natural ingredients, only has a subtle smell and doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. I love.

What is your skin detox line up?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.