Home Inspiration

Home Mood Board.

23 July, 2014

As I’m constantly leafing through inspiration on Pinterest and in magazines, I thought I would create a moodboard – similar to what I did in my last home post – so you can see what I’m planning. It’s just a few ideas of what I am hoping to achieve over the years, with a few changes and other ideas. This week has been GROUNDBREAKING for us (kind of) as we finally almost have the bedroom done. I decided to go…

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Beauty Reviews

Disappointing Products.

22 July, 2014

I noticed my last post on the products that didn’t quite make the cut was a hit, so I thought it was time to collect up another lot of ‘not so loved’ beauty items for round two. I have to admit that picking products for this post was some mission, I just got rid of so much stuff over the weekend and I don’t tend to hang on to anything I don’t like so I had to really raid the…

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Beauty Reviews

The Best Budget Blush.

21 July, 2014

I’ve spent the last few months waffling on about this budget blush and I thought it was time to fully review it. The blush is of course the brilliant Revlon Powder Blush (£7.99), my daily staple for adding a lil bit of colour to my cheeks… The shade Haute Pink (seen at the top there) is the blusher I’ve been using most days since I got it, it’s a vibrant (but totally wearable) almost fuchsia pink  – it’s quite cool…

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Beauty Weekly Most Loved.

This Week’s Most Loved… #94.

20 July, 2014

Before I start waffling on about the products, can we all appreciate that I had made it to 94 of these posts? Ultimate commitment. Anyway, here’s all I’ve been loving this week… I want to mention the brilliant R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray (£23) first as it’s been my BFF recently, I’m truly fawning over this brand as the products are so much fun yet really get to work on my hair. My hair is quite thin and fine but this…

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Beauty Spotlight

5 Things: A Makeup Detox.

19 July, 2014

As a makeup obsessive and beauty blogger, my makeup stash can get a little out of hand. I end up having regular makeup detoxes because I end up with so much clutter – products that I just don’t need. I’m actually pretty ruthless when it comes to downsizing my stash, so here’s a few pointers if you’re in the same boat… 01. The Six Week Rule I usually stick by this six week rule for just about everything in my…

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