A Spot Fighting Duo.

posted on: 4 November, 2013

Recently I’ve been suffering from awful under the skin spots, the type that really get to me as they’re painful, stand out even under makeup and can scar pretty badly. I’m forever on the hunt for skincare that will help to banish them or stop them in their tracks, and I came across this combo that helped overnight.

I’ve had both the Pai BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil (£20) and the Ying Yu Jade Roller from Cult Beauty (£28) for a little while now, and although I had been using the oil for some time, my roller broke soon after I got it and I kept forgetting to replace it. The day I had my roller replaced, I had cleansed my skin and spent a few minutes applying a couple of drops of the oil, massaging it in well. I hadn’t thought of using an oil on my blemish prone areas, I always stuck with various spot treatments, but I was told that the Pai Rosehip Oil really worked to either bring the under the skin spots to a head, or reduce them in size. I gave it a try that very night and I was so pleased with how well it worked, I had a couple of new blemishes around my jawline that were just coming up. They felt painful and sore and I knew they would scar – but after one use of the oil (and the roller), they were gone the very next day. Since then I’ve been using a little extra oil on targeted areas to reduce inflammation and let the spot leave without breaking the skin.
I usually apply two or three drops of oil in to the palm of my hand and use the other hand to apply it, massaging out from the nose. I’ll then work in a little extra to the place that I’m experiencing blemishes, spending a minute or so massaging in the oil.

I then use the roller on my skin to drain the toxins and get the fluid moving out of my face – I used this tutorial to begin with, it’s super helpful and easy to follow.
The roller is made of real jade, which has been used in Chinese medicine throughout the ages because of its beneficial cleansing properties. Because of this, the roller is always very cool and revitalising on the skin – it feels so nice to use and I often spend a good five minutes using it on my face without even realising.
The roller helps with lymph draining, making sure to remove toxins from the face and neck (which often cause blemishes, especially around the jawline and chin) and also helping to aid blood flow – which helps to tone the face and reduce puffiness.
The roller is simple to use, it can be a little uncomfortable at first so go easy on it. Use it lightly and slowly and gently roll it out from the middle of the face like the above demonstration. I found that my skin quickly got used to it, however.

I’ve been sticking to this routine every night and I’ve seen amazing results – either the spots have completely gone or are slowly reducing without breaking the skin (this usually causes scarring). I have quite a bad patch on my cheek but the oil and roller method is slowly reducing this and I’m hoping the Rosehip oil will also help to keep scarring at bay.

Have you tried anything similar to this?

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This Week’s Most Loved… #57.

posted on: 3 November, 2013

And so my makeup love-in continues! I really had a hard time not including only Bobbi Brown and NARS this week, as it seems I’m barely using anything else. There’s been so many amazing releases lately, but I snuck in an old favourite (a more affordable option, too).

The first product up is the new NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Collection blush in Daydream (£21.50), the perfect pastel but not too muted pink – out of every powder blush I own, I have to say that Deep Throat is my favourite, so I knew I would instantly be all over this gorgeous peach shade. I’m having a moment with coral/peachy blushers, I think they’re the shades that really suit my complexion. It’s fun to dabble with over shades sometimes, but I know that these bright but not over the top shades are what I should be reaching for. Expect a blog post this week on this pretty number.

Now, I managed to scale down the Bobbi Brown fan club favourites to just two products – the first being the new limited edition Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Bronze (£20). I already have a few of these and they’re perfect for me as they’re easy to sweep on and come in a number of very neutral but not boring shades. Bronze is just perfect, such a cool but flattering shimmery… bronze? that is definitely my favourite eye product at the moment. You can literally draw on your eyeshadow with these, I usually smudge them in a little, especially on my lower lashline – such a sexy smoked up effect! It’s selling out super fast, however.
I’ve also been loving the new Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (£22) as of late, I rarely find mascaras that beat my all time favourite Clinique HIEV offering but this. This is good. This is great, even. It really separates the lashes and doesn’t clump them together, but the main thing I notice is how much it lengthens the lashes. It’s pretty much an all-round mascara since it curls, lengthens, separates and defines in one. We have a winner!

Lastly, my hair adores this John Frieda Full Repair Repairing Oil Elixir (£9.99) – and in actual fact, the entire range! I’ve been using this lately to nourish my hair and keep it from looking static – sometimes blonde hair can look really unhealthy even when it’s in good condition, so I find that using an oil like this is so beneficial. I smooth a small amount down the lengths of my hair and then up around the hairline and fringe, where baby hairs can look really frizzy and unkempt. It’s such a light product that it’s hard to apply too much (something I find happens a lot with oil when you have fine hair!).

Have you tried any of these products?

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Currently Loving #29.

posted on: 2 November, 2013


01. I’ve actually had a really lovely week this week, it’s been pretty busy with things outside of usual blogging and work which is a nice change from the norm. Jordan and I have been switching things up in the flat, doing a bit of Christmas shopping (kind of) and heading out for breakfast and lots of tea. We went for lunch today and then walked via the Post Office so I could pick up some parcels, on the way back we finally visited the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art – it’s right next to us and I’ve always wanted to go because I’m really in to that sort of thing, other beliefs and religious history. It was quite small but so lovely, the cathedrals in Glasgow are just beautiful and Autumn is in full… bloom? right now. I really need to see Glasgow some more, I always forget just how incredibly huge it is!

02. As you can probably see, I’ve had a switch up of my blog layout! I always like to change my blog up every now and again because it makes me feel so refreshed and I really love doing it. I have a few more things to tweak and I might change the link buttons on the left, but otherwise I think it looks pretty cute. Very minimal and me!

03. I’m thinking about filming an Autumn Lookbook on my channel, but I’m not sure I’d be all that good at it. Clothes are always the last thing I buy because I can never really justify them when I have so many other outgoings, but I really want to post more of my outfits on my blog or channel. I will give it a go anyway and see how it pans out!

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Five For Healthy Lips.

posted on: 1 November, 2013


As someone with super dry lips and a slight dislike for overly scented lip balms, a lot of my time is spent attempting to find lip products that work for me and my many demands. So far only a few have made the cut, I thought I would introduce them here.

When I say I’m not a fan of scented products, it’s more that I don’t like synthetic scents that taste icky. Let’s face it, we end up eating most of the product anyway. I love anything with a nice, subtle scent for sure!
The first on my list is the Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub (£5.25), a gorgeous product that I keep on my beside table for regular applications. I love this as it’s basically just sugar, nourishing oils and a vanilla/caramel scent – so you can scrub it on your lips and lick or brush the rest off. It’s a god-send at this time of year – I find that using it at night means my lips are chap-free the next day. I’m going to try the Bubblegum one next as this seems to be a favourite.

I follow this with a number of lip smoothing favourites, including the NUXE Reve De Miel lip balm (£10). I usually stick to this at night because it’s quite thick but very moisturising, it’s so balmy that it stays on all night! I love the citrusy scent of this and the way it transforms my lips so quickly, I recommend giving chapped lips a good scrub with something like the above Lush Lip Scrub, this will make all the difference. The stick form is an absolute handbag must for me, I prefer sticks because you don’t need to use your fingers but I find that the tub is a lot thicker and works better for overnight applications.
When my lips feel dry and uncomfortable, the REN Vita Mineral lip balm (£9) is something I’ve recently been using because it’s so light and the packaging means you don’t have to get your hands dirty.
The best bit is that it’s not sticky or overly scented so you really just get a tiny amount of balm but hydrated lips all day. Win.

As for daywear products, I absolutely love both the Korres Lip Butters (£8) and the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (£13.60). Both of these are so handy because they’re a lip tint and hydrating balm in one – which makes them so easy to keep in your bag or coat pocket.
The Korres Lip butters are so beautiful and light, although the tub is a little messy and unhygienic – I shall definitely be picking them up in stick form. I have a few shades now, but Jasmine is my favourite as it’s so natural but has a good amount of shine, so my lips always look plumped after applying. It makes lips look really healthy and glossy too, and actually soothes them at the same time.
The Clarins products work in the same way, except the applicator is far better – it allows you to exfoliate the lips a little and it adds a very lovely gloss. I literally can’t fault these, they’re definitely my most used lip product of all time! Perfect if you like plumped lips, a little bit of gloss and a hint of shimmery tint. Plus, they smell incredible and come in a range of shades. If you buy them on Escentual they’re quite cheap, too.

What are you favourite lip products?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.