Inside My Travel Makeup Bag.

6 March, 2014 43 Comments

Looking at this picture reminds me of that meme of the cat looking at a wall of snow thinking ‘well would you look at that mess’. No? Never seen that one? Shame.… Read More


Effortless Waves Tutorial.

6 March, 2014 23 Comments

I have to admit, I’m pretty minimal when it comes to this old hair. I’ve never, ever been one to make much effort with my hair – it’s not entirely awful natural… Read More


Shiny New Boots.

5 March, 2014 40 Comments

It’s definitely true to say that I love clothes as much as makeup, and shoes fall in to that category too. And handbags. Oh and definitely coats, they were probably fine filed… Read More


Benefit Gimme Brow Brow-Volumising Fibre Gel.

4 March, 2014 58 Comments

The best thing about having brown hair again? Being able to embrace big, bad, bold brows – I no longer have to put up with my naturally fair brows and instead I… Read More


Packing For Paris.

3 March, 2014 56 Comments

Tra-la-la-la-laaa. I’m off to gay Paris (I keep writing that but it just looks offensive and doesn’t work without being said) this morning so obviously it was prime blog post fodder. As… Read More