A Brow Tutorial.

posted on: 2 April, 2014

I wasn’t much of a brow person until recently, I guess I was a late bloomer when it came to the little caterpillars and I immediately went straight in with the ol’ wax and brow powder on the poor things – cue really bad brows. Since then I’ve tried every brow product going (gels, tints, powders, pomades, pencils…) and now I’m finally settled on my brow routine. At the grand old age of 23. As you can see, they’re a little bold – I sometimes tone them down a bit or even make them even bolder but I always make sure they look natural. Which I hope they do… brows are very personal so I feel rather vulnerable stripping back and revealing my bare eyebrows for all and sundry. As I always say, brows are sisters, not twins – I have accepted that mine are never going to be identical!
Anyway, here’s a step by step guide of how I do mine – I do apologise for the really close up photos. Hooray for pores! Luckily I was wearing a pretty amazing foundation that I will be posting about in no time… (stay tuned).

WOW. That’ll be my bare brows, ready for some much-needed definition. I start by combing my brows in to shape – I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash (£15.50) as my main product, I love this stuff and it really allows me to get an actual shape to my brows. This is actually my second pencil, I had Brunette originally and it was a little too dark (didn’t stop me though) so this time I went for a lighter shade and it’s perfect. If you’re unsure what shade to go for, there’s a super handy guide on Cult Beauty. I honestly cannot recommend this pencil enough, I talk about it all the time so you’ll probably know this already, but I love how it’s so fine – it creates really hair-like strokes and allows me to get the perfect shape for my brows. So as I said, at this point I just comb the brows – up at an angle at the front, along the length (lol) and then down and along at the er, tail. Technical terms there, again.

Next I start penciling in where my eyebrows should be –  I don’t really change the shape of my brows as such but rather exaggerate it and create more of a shape to them. I tend to start at the arch (if you can call it that) and define this first. I round the top of the arch and also the below, and then pull the pencil down at the end to lengthen my brows a little. Even just extending the brow out a few mms really changes the whole shape.

Next I move on to the start of the brow, I’m not sure why I do it this way, I think I just prefer it. I use light strokes to create the illusion of hair here to basically fatten them up. I do this until I’m happy with the shape.

As you can see, my brows get a little dark and start to look unnatural with all that definition, so at this point I go back and use the comb to soften them a little. I just brush through each brow a good few times until I’m happy with the result.

Finally, I go in with the Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Dark (£17.50) – you’re probably wondering why I bother, or at least you better be. The reason for this is that I find that my brows look a little flat, although they have a great shape they need a little bit of volumising. The Gimme Brow is amazing for setting brows in place and also for really plumping them up –  I find they pretty much come to life (not really, that would be terrifying. Can you imagine? Browzilla!!!) and basically look a lot more like they’re all my own hair.

Et voila! Brows be done. Two products, approximately four minutes.

Have you tried these products?

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A Flat Tour… Again.

posted on: 1 April, 2014

IMG_5732 IMG_5733 IMG_5729 IMG_5725 IMG_5765 IMG_5761 IMG_5742 IMG_5736 flat5 flat3 flat1 flat7 flat2 flat4 flat6 flat10 flat8 flat9

I thought it was time I did an updated look around my flat, since I am always reorganising things. Probably not much has changed since my very first one, but it feels like it has! It’s posts like this that make me realise that Jordan and I have so much stuff! I’ve had a few clearouts recently, after this post on Nouvelle, and you definitely can’t tell at all. Well, I tried.

As much as I love this flat, I can’t wait until we find a new place. Things are getting a bit cluttered here because my working area just ain’t big enough and we don’t have a proper storage cupboard which is annoying. Most of the Glasgow flats are pretty similar so I know we’ll definitely get one with huuuuge windows again, although I’ll miss my view over Glasgow.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments, I’m not too sure where to start with where things are from so I guess you can google it or I’ll keep an eye on the comments – if anyone is bothered! Hope you enjoyed this little peek, no doubt I’ll switch it all up again in a week or two!

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Spring Beauty Picks.

posted on: 31 March, 2014

It’s that time again – I always feel so happy when the clocks go forward, lighter evenings are the one. Of course, it also means it’s a-ok for me to dress in only pastel colours for the coming months which is ideal. In terms of products, I’ve definitely picked out more brighter shades and lighter bases.

A couple of products that are on my skincare list right now are the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (£29.50) and the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil (£17.50) – both of which smell heavenly and are perfect Spring picks. The Papaya Peel is one of my most loved face masks, the creamy formula leaves skin looking so bright and healthy and it feels lovely to apply. As for the almond oil, well this is another favourite – the luxe oil soothes and softens skin and turns in to a lovely milky lather under the water. My skin is never dry or dull when I’m using this.
Another spring-inspired addition is the Erborian CC Creme HD (£15), this has to be my go-to product right now due to its skin-perfecting ways. It has a subtle tint that translates to a dreamy glow once applied to the skin, it hides imperfections, makes my skin look dewy and adds a little colour. Definitely the perfect product if you have less than perfect skin like myself.
I usually finish off my makeup with a dusting of the Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder (£22.05), I’ve talked about this quite a lot over the last year – I often think of it as a natural, more affordable version of my much loved By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder. It really perfects the skin, freshens up makeup and keeps it looking healthy all day. I couldn’t live without this stuff, it really minimises blemishes too!

Another couple of complexion perfecting products on my spring list are the Stila One Step Colour Corrector (£24) and the Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream (£29). I’ve spoken about both of these before as they’re great products – I love the Stila base as it colour corrects redness and angry spots, any signs of sallowness and a dull complexion. It also applies really beautifully and adds a fresh, dewy look to my skin too. It really does improve my complexion ten-fold, so that although I have quite bad scarring, I still feel confident enough to use a BB cream. I was never much of a fan of Double Wear, I liked that it was reliable and lasted well but I wasn’t a fan of the heaviness, so when the brand announced the glow-inducing BB Cream, I was sold. It’s just as budge-proof as the original but this time it’s lighter, has more skincare properties and blends seamlessly. It has great coverage but looks natural and has a very healthy finish.

I always think of Spring as being THE time to get your glow on, I tend to think about fake tanning in this time as I’m a little pasty after the winter. I always try and do something about my face though, as it’s always so pale. Luckily I have the Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster (£18), these are little drops of tan goodness that you add to your moisturiser or serum for a healthy glow to the skin. You can build them up to achieve a tan, but I tend to just opt for a light radiant tint by using them every few days. I adore every facial tanning product that Clarins bring out, and these make the whole process oh so easy!
I also have here the MAC Pink Rebel Lustre Drops (£18), adding a couple of drops to foundation or primer gives skin such a perfect finish. I usually add these to the Erborian CC Creme, it always promises healthy, fresh skin.

A few other makeup bits that are out in my MUJI drawers for Spring include the Korres Lip Butter in Quince (£8), a really lovely pink-red lip balm that adds a glossy wash of pigmented colour. I have a few of these in various shades and they’re always perfect all year round. I’m also wearing the Revlon Powder Blush in Haute Pink (£7.99) constantly at the moment, it’s weird for me to make a switch back to powder blushers all of a sudden but I cant help myself with this. It’s gorgeous and it really works with my fair skin and blue eyes – definitely my spring and summer staple.
Another product I wear quite a lot at the moment is the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit (£15.50) – I adore this shimmery taupe, either alone or under powder – it’s so easy to dip a finger in and wash it over the lid. I just apply a little eyeliner and lashings of mascara and I’m set. These last all day and look great smudged in to the lower lashes too.

As for lips and nails, I chose my favourite Essie Watermelon Nail Polish (£7.99) because it always looks beautiful – a bit more feminine than plain old red and the glossy finish is perfect. Also seen here is Essie Maximillian Strasse-Her (£7.99) which I think it’s quite a sophisticated pastel shade – it’s more of a grey/blue and it looks perfect when applied. I wear this all year round but it feels more suited to Spring. My lip products of choice are the Revlon Colourburst Lacquer Balm in Demure (£7.99) and the YSL Gloss Volupte Lipgloss in 204 (£21) – both of which are low maintenance and lovely pink hues.

Have you tried any of these?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

The Easiest Smokey Eye.

posted on: 30 March, 2014

I’m going through a bit of a smokey eye stage at the moment, which is rather unusual for me. I like to keep my makeup quite minimal, but I’ve come to realise that I actually prefer more of a dramatic look. Of course, I have a quick and easy routine for upping the glamour without taking hours to perfect…

I’m not someone who will invest hours in to an eye look because I just don’t have the time. Instead, I have a pretty no-fail routine going on right now which is really working for me.
I start by using the Stila In The Light Palette (£25), a favourite of mine and the only one I reach for more than occasionally. I always use the champagne shade second from the left at the top. Kitten is a soft, flattering hue that really opens my eyes, it looks incredible either alone or smoked up – I wear it almost every day as it’s just so suited to my skin tone. I use a flat, soft brush to apply this all over my lids and then blend well.
I then use the shade below it (Gilded Gold) and the darker colour next to it (Luster) to create me some drama.
For this, I just take a smaller shadow brush and I blend the smokey shade right in to my lower lashes. I get it as close to my waterline as possible and use a finger to really smudge the colour in – a mixture of both Gilded Gold (a lovely gold-flecked bronze) and Luster (a deeper taupe) is always so flattering.

Once I’ve really blended and smoked up my lower lashes, I use a kohl pencil (yep! I’m crazy) to up the glamour. For this I usually use a kohl kajal, the Maybelline Kohl Kahal Liner (£5.99) never lets me down. I find these easier to use and also better for smudging.
I tightline my eyes to get some definition along the top lashes, and then also along my waterline if I’m feeling really daring. I don’t overdo it as it can quickly look too much, but a subtle application really smokes up my eyes without making them look smaller.

Finally, I apply lashings of mascara to finish off the look. At the moment I love the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara (£8.99) because it really curls, lengthens and defines the lashes. I absolutely love this stuff and it really sets off the entire look.

I find this the easiest and most flattering way to do my eye makeup if I want to channel smokey, as I’ve left my lids quite minimal with just a wash of nude, the black liner paired with the smudgy shadow doesn’t look harsh or make my eyes look smaller. It takes just minutes too, and I always get compliments when I wear it.

What do you think of this line up?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.