Home Inspiration

A Bedroom Tour.

29 March, 2015

I had to take some photos for West Elm recently *brushes fluff from shoulder* so I thought I’d include them here and also film a room tour for you all! I gave you the choice of blog post or video – you can choose both if you really want. My bedroom¬†has been a long process; when we moved in it looked like this – I can’t believe the below photo. It was hideous! Dark blue painted floorboards, cream textured wallpaper,…

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Food Life

5 Things: Cutting Down on Dairy.

28 March, 2015

To break things up a bit, I thought I’d do something a little different today and talk about cutting down on dairy. I first started cutting out dairy a couple of years ago, for a few reasons really – for starters I was suffering with my skin and thought dairy might be the cause (it often is) and I’d never really been a big milk drinker so it seemed like a good idea. Although I wouldn’t ever drink a glass…

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Beauty Reviews Spotlight

Clinique Pop Lip Colour & Primer.

26 March, 2015

I know this may sound shocking, and I’m sorry if what I’m about to say offends anyone… I’m not a big lipstick person. I love the stuff, don’t get me wrong, I own just about every single shade going – but I don’t usually consider it an essential part of my routine. I’ll more likely slick on lip balm over lipstick, as I find it’s way less maintenance. Occasionally, however, something comes along that changes everything (yep, read that last…

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Style Wishlist

ASOS Wishlist.

25 March, 2015

This winter/spring transitional period is always the right time to stock up on clothes, in my humble opinion. Nothing is too flesh-baring because, well, it’s freezing, but you still get that hint of summer with the floral prints and pastel hues. I’m in the mood for an ASOS splurge, so I thought I’d put together one of my staple wishlists for you guys to browse through. No one can actually be bothered to browse the site in full, so hopefully…

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Beauty Buys

A Hair Haul.

24 March, 2015

It’s been a long while since I bought any new beauty products, but my haircare routine has become almost non-existent lately.¬†My fine, flat locks have been in desperate need of a bit of volumising action, I headed straight to Feel Unique to sort me out… I’m a huge fan of Sachajuan; a Swedish brand that use their own patented ‘Ocean Silk Technology’ in each of their products. This is the addition of nourishing sea minerals and algae to help the…

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