Beauty Reviews

Grow Gorgeous 12-In-1 Cleansing Conditioner.

16 June, 2014

I first heard about this new release from a Cosmopolitan article a month or two ago; I’ve mentioned a few times that I am a reverse-washer – I start with conditioner, rinse it out and then apply shampoo. I find this works wonders on fine, knotty hair that needs to be washed everyday and I swore that I would never go back to the traditional method. That was until I heard of this little wonder, Grow Gorgeous Brunette Cleansing Conditioner…

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Beauty Reviews Weekly Most Loved.

This Week’s Most Loved… #89.

15 June, 2014
IMG_8825 copy

I never fail to find more than a few products that I have to share with you. This week I’ve been all about bronzed, dewy skin – and I think that’s been clear from all the posin’ I’ve been doing over on Instagram. I’ve also discovered a cleansing balm I probably won’t put down until it’s done… First up, let me start with that delicious cleansing balm. The Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (£57), you may remember that I…

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Home Inspiration

5 Things: Shopping for the Home.

14 June, 2014

Having recently moved in to a completely empty apartment, I’ve been on a hunt to find little homewares and other home stuffs. I’ve actually found some absolute gems when it comes to this department and I knew you guys would appreciate a post. Furniture I tend to look to IKEA first when it comes to furniture, as I think they have so much on offer and you don’t need to go down the typical route and deck your house out…

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Beauty Spotlight

Bedside Table Essentials.

13 June, 2014

You may have spied my bedside table in previous posts or Instagram uploads, but if not, let me tell you – it’s chocka with beauty products! I keep most of my evening treatments on my night stand (in the drawers so it still looks tidy) so I’m covered for any skin woes that need to be seen to. However, I tend to stick to just a few products to keep me in check come bedtime… The first product is the…

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ASOS Anchor Shoes.

12 June, 2014

I’ve always been a little obsessed with all things nautical – I’ll blame it on my dad being a captain – so when I spied these super adorable anchor shoes on ASOS recently, well I knew they just had to be mine. The ASOS Journey Espadrilles (£10) are an absolute steal, although I have to admit that they are indeed my first pair of espadrilles. I love simple summer shoes, especially when they’re as comfy as this. I actually got…

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