The Ultimate Primer Duo.

21 January, 2014 31 Comments

Last week I discovered what may ultimately be my all-time favourite primer duo, I’ve mentioned in the past that I recommend doubling up on primers in order to get the best from… Read More


The Ready In Five Routine.

20 January, 2014 39 Comments

One thing I’m rather good at is getting ready in no time at all, I once got a text from a friend at 9.40 in the eve to meet for a party,… Read More


My Most Used Brushes.

19 January, 2014 27 Comments

I believe this is my first brush video, although I have done a post or two on here over the years – this video was actually requested and I got to work… Read More


This Week’s Most Loved… #68.

19 January, 2014 29 Comments

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is completely over winter and it’s makeup trends, while it is my favourite season for fashion, I adore the Spring releases and being able… Read More


5 Things: Favourite Healthy Meals.

18 January, 2014 42 Comments

I think I’ve said in the past that I try to eat a low-carb diet, especially after Christmas – mainly because carbs make me feel so full and tired after eating them… Read More