Forever Repurchased #5.

16 January, 2014 31 Comments

I really had no idea there were so many products I simply couldn’t live without until I started doing these posts; from shower gel to nail polish remover, I seem to have… Read More


Recent Haircare Additions.

15 January, 2014 31 Comments

The purchase of my new Herbal Essences products (see this post) means I’m pretty much set for the basics for now, but I’ve recently extended my (overflowing) haircare and styling stash to… Read More


The Budget Skin Detox.

14 January, 2014 40 Comments

I’ve blogged numerous skin detox routines in the past, but what happens when you combine the post-Christmas bank balance and skin that has OD’d on festive sugar? A budget roundup that will… Read More


Daily Essentials.

13 January, 2014 37 Comments

I don’t often talk about my everyday beauty items, such shampoo, conditioner and deodorant, but it seemed a good way to introduce you to the items that I use day in and… Read More


This Week’s Most Loved… #67.

12 January, 2014 30 Comments

It’s that time of week again where I gush about far too many beauty products… I doubt I will ever be short of a product of five to fill this feature –… Read More