Outfits Style

Trying Out a Trend.

2 June, 2014

So you may have noticed that I’ve been accessorising with a big ol’ hat recently, a black fedora in fact. While I usually opt for a simple black bowler hat, I wanted something a little wider to cover my hair on windy, rainy days – basically every day in Glasgow. Finally, I settled for a classic fedora which I think suits me quite well. I bought the New Look Black Felt Fedora (£14.99) in the end, I didn’t want to pay…

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Beauty Reviews Weekly Most Loved.

This Week’s Most Loved… #87.

1 June, 2014

This week has been BUSY. I’m actually trying to do some work before going to the new flat to get paining – thrilling! Nonetheless, I’ve still got a handful of amazing products that I’ve been using a whole lot this week. I seem to have covered all grounds lately too… To start, I want to tell you how much I love the new Origins GinZing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser (£18.50) – I knew I would love this as I have the moisturiser…

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Inspiration Life Music

5 Things: Currently Listening.

31 May, 2014

As you will probably be aware, I’m a little bit music obsessed. I can barely walk to the shop without putting my headphones in. I thought it was time to put together another music post for you, as so many of you loved my music recommendations last time. 01. Lily Allen – Sheezus  I have never really been a fan of Lily Allen, I just never really understood the hype! I saw her at the Big Weekend last week and…

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Beauty Reviews

Skincare On Trial: Spot Treatments.

30 May, 2014

If there’s one thing I know, it’s spot treatments. Although my skin is pretty clear right now (puh-lease don’t let me jinx myself), I do get hormonal breakouts each month and the odd zit when I’m a little stressed. I’ve tested hundreds of spot creams, lotions, gels and treatments over the years and I can tell quite quickly which ones are the winners. Here’s a few I’ve had on hand in times of need recently… Lush Grease Lightning Spot Treatment,…

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Beauty Routines YouTube

Morning Skincare Routine.

29 May, 2014

After uploading my full evening skincare routine recently, I promised that I would get filming my morning routine to complete the series. I think I’m quite minimal with my skincare but I guess everyone is different, and what is minimal to me is probably quite a lot to most. I never really get lazy with my skincare as I know how important it is to cleanse and then tone, especially as someone who suffers from blemishes on a regular basis.…

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