Meet Mouse & Kitten Advice.

posted on: 26 September, 2013

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I’ve been promising to do this post for so long and I have some spare time this morning so I thought I would get it together. We got our baby kitty, Mouse, back in July – we had been looking for a cat for a little while when my brother said that his cat looked pregnant (“she has big nips”) and after a little while of waiting, out came two kitties. We had wanted a tabby for a little while because Marley (remember Marls?) was a tabby and super cute so it all worked out in the end.
Kittens can be pretty expensive to buy, especially if they’re from a breeder but we just checked Gumtree daily but it was fate when Kilo got preggers and Mouse came along. A lot of people ask us what breed Mouse is but she’s just a regular moggy, we don’t know who her dad is sadly but we haven’t let that hinder her chances in life. If you’re wondering about Marley, she was our flatmates cat and long story short, when we moved we didn’t have a Marley any more – she now lives in a house with a garden though and she’s super happy.
I’ve had cats all my life, when I was little I used to have a kitten called Tabitha that followed me everywhere, and her mumma cat was always having kittens – my gran said I used to dress them up in dolls clothes and push them around in a pram. Over the years I’ve had many cats, I’ve managed to score flatmates with cats most of the time so I’m definitely a fully established cat lady.

We got Mouse at eight weeks, the cat’s mum litter-trains them and as long as they’re weaned and eating cat food, I think it’s fine – a lot of people say 12 weeks and I’m obviously not a vet and only speaking from a lot of experience with cats but usually when you get cats later they take longer to settle and aren’t affectionate – and I like a cuddly cat! My little brother CJ got his kitten at 12 weeks and he’s like a squirrel.
Mouse never had any accidents, she knew where the litter box was and she was never upset at the move and settled in and started being affectionate within a few hours (the picture of her on my bed and next to the laptop were on the day we got her). We had her on kitten food (in the pouches) for a little while but I think we just give her kitten biscuits and normal cat food now. We sometimes give her kitten milk but the vet said it’s not crucial, we only give it to her because she likes it but we watered it down a bit at first so it wasn’t too rich. Cats will eat when they want usually, I tend to put out food for Mouse when I see her food bowls empty and she’ll eat it when she pleases so it’s very easy in that respect.
She’s very calm and not scared of guests, Jordan’s friend stayed recently and Mouse slept on him all night despite only having met him just hours before – pah! My kitten has no respect for herself. We also took her to my parents house on the train in her cat box and she was fine, she meows a bit at first but as long as she can see us she’s chilled. She was a bit rough with my old cat Tigger though.

Kittens require injections around 8 weeks, but sometimes this is done for you (but the cats protection or breeders) so make sure to find out. I think we got Mouse’s first injections at around 10 weeks and then she got another one a week later and they also wormed her, so now she will need to get spayed (at around 5 or 6 months old) so she doesn’t have kittens, and we’ll also get her micro-chipped then too. They also require a booster every year so make sure to mark this on a calendar or whatever. She’s currently coming up to 5 months old now, so not long until her op! My advice would be to get a good vet, we live next door to a veterinary surgery and they are super helpful, giving her worm tablets and helping out with general info, making sure she’s a healthy weight etc. Cats can be expensive, you have to buy regular bags of litter, feed them and pay for them if they have accidents (get pet insurance) – I think the two sets of jabs were around £50 each so bear this in mind – it’s a big commitment, it’s pretty much like having a child at times I reckon.

Other than that, it doesn’t require much work to look after a cat – you don’t need to walk them and they generally do their own thing. Cats are very clean animals, however, so you do need to be hygienic with their litter. We just have the one box and we use clumping litter, we’re still trying to find the best litter for her but I recommend getting quite a big litter box with a rim around it because Mouse loves to play in hers once we’ve cleaned it all out and put fresh litter in it, one time I caught her having a nap in it!
So we scoop out any pees and poos after she’s been (or just twice a day) and then top up with more litter. Once or twice a week we’ll give the box a proper clean out, using a some detergent and warm water – I find using bleach hangs on to that ammonia smells so skip out on this if you can.
Cats can be really funny about a dirty litter box, Mouse has never got confused or had any accidents but some cats do if their litter box is too smelly, cats have a really sensitive nose so even if you can’t smell it, they might.
I’m usually here during the day and night but Mouse is fine if we go out or whatever. When we went on holiday our friend house-sat for us for ten days and Mouse was completely fine, I think she fell in love with him a little bit. As long as they’re fed, cuddled and have clean litter, they’re usually just fine.

I would say to get a scratching post, Mouse adores hers and she never once has scratched any of the furniture – make sure to introduce it to her so she knows what the scratching post is for. We usually buy our pet things from Pet Planet which is super cheap, although we bought her a bed and she’s not that bothered about it. She does go to town on an IKEA blanket I have though, we call it her blankey as she sticks her face right in, has a big ol’ purr and pads all over it, complete with some serious drool. It’s the cutest.
Mouse is a really cuddly cat, she demands a lot of attention and sometimes I have to put her out of my office because she climbs up me for cuddles – which is lovely when I’m watching TV but not so much when I’m trying to get my work done!

She is super cute, and so so sweet, I think getting a cat was the best thing I’ve done and it’s great for me because I work from home, often don’t have time to do much else and my boyfriend is sometimes away on tour/recording/doing band stuff. Jordan and I just take turns playing with her and cuddling with her and she often goes back and forth between us to see what the other has to offer, we’re literally smitten with her and as she gets older she is even more calm and her personality comes out. Kittens tend to have mad half-hours where they literally leap from windows and go crazy on their toys until they tire themselves out, so beware of this! Kitten scratches are evil, but I usually pass her to Jordan when she wants a playfight.
Remember, kittens don’t stay kittens forever and big cats often just sleep all day, though they might also want to go outside eventually. Mouse hasn’t expressed an interest in this but we have a huge flat so keep this in mind if you’re thinking about getting a kitty. I think we’ll buy a harness and lead for her and introduce her to it slowly but I don’t know, she seems happy enough indoors for now and I know I would just worry so we’ll see!

If you’re thinking about getting a cat, consider the above and make sure you have their best interests at heart. No getting a cat because it’s cool or for cat lady street cred. You will come to understand your cat in time so don’t worry too much, cats are so easy going and super easy to look after, I’m like a worried mum at times – partly because we once lost her behind the dishwasher and I thought she was gone forever. We have since blocked up the hole but I’m still a worrier! I actually really want another cat, I’m not sure if a kitten or a cat would be better suited but it would be amazing if we had two – Mouse would like a friend I think. Has anyone had any experience of getting another cat when their current cat is around 5 months? When she met my old cat Tigger she was very playful but Tiggs wasn’t really in to it so an old cat might not be ideal!

Mouse is on Instagram if you want to keep up with her there, she’s regularly taking selfies and posting snaps of her varied and interesting life.

Are you a cat lover? Can Mouse sway you?

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Daily Makeup: Grungey Look.

posted on: 26 September, 2013

I haven’t done a makeup video in a little while but I thought it was time. This look is a tribute to my Nirvana-lovin’ days as it’s quite smoked up, effortless and only complete with an oversized shirt and a messy topknot.

I’ve added the products in to the description and you can see my topknot tutorial here.


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Milan With D&G.

posted on: 25 September, 2013

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I’ve still slightly exhausted from a packed adventure to Milan at the weekend and although I promised to make a vlog, my shaky camera skills made me seasick while editing, but I did take a lot of great snaps so I thought I would blog them instead – definitely far prettier! I’m actually doing this in two parts as I want to talk about what we actually did in a separate post.

I got a flight from Glasgow to Heathrow early on Saturday and met the girls there, also on the trip was D&Gs fabulous PR, Kirsty who was amazing at sorting everything out and the hilarious and equally lovely Jane - we then flew to Milan and headed straight for our hotel which was an absolute dream. We met Rosario Dawson in the lobby and she told us she had been checking us out on the flight in, she was super charming, telling me she loved my Prada ‘purse’! Cutie.
As you can see, my room was completely divine. I didn’t spend much time here but I was lucky enough to have a D&G makeup artist come to my room and do my makeup for the event that night. As you can see, my makeup is not at all like I would usually wear, when I felt her putting kohl on my waterline I was slightly worried but I went with it – trusting!
Honestly, it’s not something I would wear and it was most definitely out of my comfort zone but I actually ended up really liking it. All your lovely comments on Instagram (and making it to the popular page….) certainly helped with that. I’m not sure I could ever recreate it, however. The MUA used the new D&G PassionEyes mascara which was amazing, lovely long lashes! I’ll talk more about this in the next post.

That evening we had a passionfruit cocktail at our hotel before heading to a bar behind the D&G shop for a little cocktail reception. The place was kind of inside but outside at the same time, as you can see from the picture. It felt like a botanical garden with lots of wine. I met the lovely Nilo who lives in Saudi Arabia who we interrogated about life as a blogger there, and fashion blogger Kayture was sitting opposite me but I didn’t want to be a fangirl and tell her I follow her on Instagram…
After the cocktail reception, we went to a restaurant called Gold which is owned by D&G. It was very luxe and so pretty – we were amused to find films playing in the toilet cubicle – and we had a lovely dinner here, including an amazing dessert, before heading back to the hotel for sleep. I tried to blog a little but I had been up since 4am so sleep came pretty quickly.

The next day we were up early to go see a makeup masterclass by the legendary Pat McGrath – I’ll chat more about this in my next post as it really deserves its own little feature. I had to do my own makeup that day which was tiring work (I joke) but I actually vamped it up a little more with my NARS ‘And God Created the Woman’ palette after the compliments I got on my D&G makeover – is this farewell for my minimal makeup?
We had a couple of hours free that morning before the D&G show so obviously a trip to Sephora and the incredible Duomo di Milano were on the cards, Jordan said I absolutely had to go and see the cathedral – we even have a picture of it in our flat! It was busy and we didn’t go inside but it was really breathtaking just to see it.
Sephora was pretty small and I didn’t end up buying anything, mainly because I had just taken hand luggage and also because I probably have enough makeup (maybe) but it was still a fun experience and worth getting excited about.

After going to the crazy, bustlin’ D&G show (more coming in my next post) we headed to the airport for our flight home, I was completely exhausted by this point but I absolutely love flying so this perked me up a little. I didn’t end up getting home until almost midnight on Sunday night but it was definitely worth it, and Mouse was very pleased to see me.
Milan was amazing, such an amazing city and I’ll definitely be heading back – the coffee is incredible, the ice cream is the best I’ve ever had and the Italian men are all dressed impeccably, like they have just fallen out of an advert. I have a few more pictures on my Instagram account if you want to see more – I threw in a couple of outfit selfies I took as well, the top in the in the first picture is from H&M and so is the monochrome jacket.
In the second picture I’m wearing a Forever 21 top and a New Look skirt from the kids section, and an H&M necklace.

A huge thank you to D&G and Kirsty for looking after us – we packed in so much and I loved every minute. Look out for part two where I will be talking about the makeup!

Have you been to Milan?

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La Roche-Posay Serozinc… Believe The Hype.

posted on: 24 September, 2013


I do love a good talked about product, one that has been on my radar for some time now is the La Roche Posay Serozinc. I tried to hunt this down in Palma last month but to no avail, so I headed to eBay when I got back to get myself a tin.

I always use eBay for buying products that aren’t available in the UK – it’s where my Bioderma addiction started, where I found OPI Nail Envy for cheap and now, where I ended up when I decided I needed Serozinc. I’ve had run-ins with eBay in the past but only when I was selling, so I now only use it to buy as there’s rights for buyers but not really any for sellers, so it’s a pretty safe option for buying the odd coveted product.
Have an idea in your head of how much the product should be and ideally, find someone who ships from the UK (if that’s where you reside) – there usually is one and I think sending aerosols is dodgy business now, I bought from the UK but the package was actually intercepted by Royal Mail but they sent it on to me.
I find the best way to find a reasonably priced product is to select ‘Buy Now’ on the sidebar when searching, and then clicking ‘Sort: Price & P+P: Lowest First’ which brings up the cheapest option to buy right then. I paid £11.90 plus £2.70 for postage which is pretty reasonable and it’s a UK seller, here’s the link to the one I bought.
Edit: I’ve been linked to this site where you can get for cheap, cheap – I’ve never used this site but might be worth a try!

Now, on to my actual review. I recently have been breaking out really badly, I’m not sure what it could be at all but I needed help to deal with redness and inflamed skin so I looked to Serozinc to help me out. This little spray can dispenses a really fine mist of product, it’s packed full of wonderful ingredients to purify and soothe the skin, which is ideal for breakouts.
I used this when my skin was really bad and it had cleared up so much by morning, I really can’t believe how much of a difference it made when combined with my usual spot-fighting skincare, it really calmed the angry blemishes and helped with redness and my skin looked so much better. I use this morning and night and my skin has cleared up dramatically.

The ingredients are simply water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate and it works like a toner to really help oily or blemish-prone skin, but it can also be used on any sort of irritation, from soothing razor burn to other skin conditions. I will definitely be applying it as soon as my skin looks like it’s going to be breaking out, it makes all the difference.
To apply, I either spritz it all over my face after cleansing and gently pat in or I use a cotton pad to sweep it over, I haven’t really found which is the best method but both seem to work fine. Once my skin is dry, I apply other treatments and moisturiser and I’m done.

It’s definitely worth giving it a go, especially for acne types that just can’t catch a break! Has anyone else tried this?

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.