Minimal Winter Makeup.

19 December, 2013 32 Comments

I’ve seen so many autumn/winter makeup tutorials which are quite ‘done up’, which I always, always adore but I know that in reality, the heavy makeup look just doesn’t suit me. I… Read More


Caring For Coloured Hair.

18 December, 2013 19 Comments

I’ve always been pretty good when it comes to looking after my hair, mainly because I’m pretty low maintenance with the style I opt for. Since going blonde, I’ve had to update… Read More


Everyday Eyeshadows.

17 December, 2013 26 Comments

I would definitely say I’m a ‘one-wash’ shadow kinda girl, my overall makeup look is pretty casual and I’m not one to reach for a couple of shadows for daytime wear. I… Read More


The Party Makeup Kit.

16 December, 2013 20 Comments

Some may say that the best part of the festive season are the parties, I may or may not agree with this but I’m definitely in the party mood as it’s my… Read More


This Week’s Most Loved… #63.

15 December, 2013 16 Comments

This week has been, in a word, EXHAUSTING. I am so, so drained… yet I have here some of my all time favourite beauty products so it can’t have been too bad.… Read More