5 Things: Summer Sounds.

26 July, 2014

Who is ready for more summery songs and how weird does my hand look there? I haven’t compiled a proper playlist for you guys in a little while so I thought I’d get my act together and make a mega one. How’s that sound? I went for quite a few Scottish acts in the end, as I think we really do have some of the best musicians going – right now I’m all for Prides, The Xcerts and er, Jordan’s…

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Beauty Daily Makeup

Daily Makeup: Summer Edition.

25 July, 2014

I’d like to say I don’t wear any makeup in summer, but my skin just ain’t clear enough to do that. My routine, however, is pretty stripped back; I skip foundation altogether, opt for only mascara and go for sheer dewy skin. I start my applying the Erborian CC Creme HD (£16) which is my all time favourite product – it perfects my skin like no other. I tend to mix it with a little of the brilliant Clinique Super…

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Beauty Wishlist

Beauty Wishin’.

24 July, 2014

For some reason, beauty wishlists are some of my favourite posts on blogs – I love seeing what everyone has on their wishlist or what they’re thinking about repurchasing. When I was making this wishlist, I noticed that actually a lot of the products were repurchases – especially the skincare picks. Why does all my skincare run out at once? Someone look in to this. This month’s wishlist is mainly premium brands, and I think that comes from not having…

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Inspiration Interiors

Home Mood Board.

23 July, 2014

As I’m constantly leafing through inspiration on Pinterest and in magazines, I thought I would create a moodboard – similar to what I did in my last home post – so you can see what I’m planning. It’s just a few ideas of what I am hoping to achieve over the years, with a few changes and other ideas. This week has been GROUNDBREAKING for us (kind of) as we finally almost have the bedroom done. I decided to go…

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Disappointing Products.

22 July, 2014

I noticed my last post on the products that didn’t quite make the cut was a hit, so I thought it was time to collect up another lot of ‘not so loved’ beauty items for round two. I have to admit that picking products for this post was some mission, I just got rid of so much stuff over the weekend and I don’t tend to hang on to anything I don’t like so I had to really raid the…

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