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5 Things: An Accessories Update.

30 May, 2015

It’s summertime (apparently… *looks out of window, looks back at computer, looks out of window*) which means it’s entirely acceptable to stock up on accessories. Sunglasses, clutch bags, hair crowns… all the essentials. I had to get a clutch bag to go with my outfit for an upcoming wedding, and I didn’t want to go with the standard white or pink to match my outfit, so in the end I went with this not-so-subtle pick. I thought it was the…

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Four Face Masks.

29 May, 2015

More natural skincare is coming your way in today’s edit – I’m really sticking to this whole natural skincare thing and I have to say, on the whole my skin is looking pretty good. I’ve come to terms with my face mask addiction, so I thought I would share a few favourites with you here… May Lindstrom Skin The Problem Solver Mask, £69 This is one pricey pick, but I promise you it’s worth the money. This is a detox…

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Lifestyle Photography

Photography Tips… Continued.

28 May, 2015

I’ve done a few ‘photography for bloggers’ posts in the past, but as I discover more little tips and tricks, I think it’s worthwhile to post my findings. Hopefully some of the below will help you to improve your blog photos even a little.. The Technical Stuff I use a Canon 600D camera for my blog photos, although I don’t think it matters what camera you use, it’s what you do with it that counts. I occasionally take photos with my…

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A US Beauty Wishlist.

27 May, 2015

Today’s post is pretty much a ‘ask the readers’ feature, where you guys all scrub in (lol too much Grey’s Anatomy) and help me spend my money. Sounds great, doesn’t it? I’m off to New York on Saturday – not sure if I’ve mentioned that? – and it’s my first time there, which is pretty exciting! I want to raid Sephora and all the other beauty stores, and bring back the haul to end all hauls. So far I don’t…

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Beauty Purchases

Two Luxe Repurchases.

26 May, 2015

More Space NK shopping, Kate? Really? I’m afraid so – but in my defence, I repurchased two beauty staples that I just can’t seem to live without. And I say that because I’ve tried. This bright eyed duo awakens my peepers after even the worst of slumbers… I’ve used (and harped on about) the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers (£20) in the past, I won’t use any other brand of curlers as these are the very best. My old pair had…

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