Reasons To Be Happy.

posted on: 22 March, 2014

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As I was sitting in on a Saturday eve anyway, I thought I may as well put my time to good use and write up a little post. I like to inject a personal element in to this here blog every once in a while because I think that’s kind of the point of a blog over a magazine or whatever.

I started up this mini series a couple of years back and really wanted to make it a thing, but I guess I just didn’t have many reasons to be happy back then. I’ve been overthinking far too much lately and really, really undervaluing everything I have (which is lots, I have lots of reasons to be happy) and I think one of the reasons I’ve been feeling so down is because I haven’t had my usual positive mindset. I feel like I’ve had a bout of really bad luck recently and I’ve definitely been in a self-pitying mood, so with a lot of help and inspiration from the brilliant Rosie’s weekly series, I thought I would get my act together and start appreciating things more.

I think I’ve said before that when I get a little down, I start making lists of things to be happy  and grateful for – I sound like a truly depressing dame right now, don’t I? I promise I’m usually pretty laid back and appreciating but lately that’s not how it’s been at all. So here goes, reasons to be happy this week…

01. Living in the city. This morning Jordan and I had a lazy morning (someone was hungover)(it wasn’t me) before jumping out of bed just after 11 (I’d been up since 7 but working from bed, the best) to go and get some breakfast. We live right in the centre of Glasgow so a lot of restaurants and other places are a few minutes walk away – admittedly we’ll have to give this up soon when we eventually move but for now I just love being able to jump in to town whenever I need to. We went to Brown’s for breakfast which was pretty delicious, and then had a quick charity shop. At one point Jordan made me laugh so much when we were walking down the street that people were turning around to see what was wrong (with me). Things like this are what we do best and I think it’s good to have some time away from everything else to appreciate these things.

02. Having a great readership. I find that sometimes it’s hard to appreciate your following when you’re mainly a blogger. Now that I’ve decided to give YouTube a rest, I am wondering a lot more about how I’m doing in running this blog – I do feel that there’s a difference between the following of the two and I like that. The comments and feedback I get on here are always inspiring and that’s what keeps me motivated. I feel like blogging is more refreshing and although you don’t see a follower count rising constantly like YouTube, I still get so much joy out of writing a blog – obviously it’s mostly down to you cool cats so a-thank ya.

03. Hints of spring. Oh Glasgow, you don’t half make us suffer with the weather sometimes! I do have to admit that the stream of sunshine in the mornings is really helping, it always lifts my mood and the cherry blossoms, longer evenings and bunches of fresh blooms are what this time of year is all about!

04. Being more creative. One reason why I love blogging over YouTube as it’s so easy to let your creative side just flow and produce some great content. This works for Instagram too, I just love snapping away and creating lovely content that is appreciated by all. My photography has come a long was since I started blogging, and I’m feeling more and more happy with what I produce.

05. Pinning! You guys should know by now that I am literally obsessed with Pinterest. I could spend my entire day on there and not think anything of it, entire weeks could pass and I’d still be getting my ‘dream house’ board just right. I know I’m not alone in this!

What are your reasons to be happy this week? Let me know what you think of this series and whether I should keep it up…

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5 Things: Best of the Online Beauty Stores.

posted on: 22 March, 2014

I’m sure I don’t need to make it known here that I’m a big fan of a beauty haul, and my endless sprees (shopping, not killing) don’t just stop at Boots. Or Space NK. In fact, I have a whole host of stores bookmarked for a regular browse of their cosmetics sections. In a beauty store, I usually look for impressive shipping (speed and spend, ideally fast and free), regular sales and deals and also their range of brands and products stocked. Here’s my top five that do beauty best…

01. FeelUnique
Probably an obvious one to most, but FeelUnique is top of the game for me – it stocks an impressive range of brands (ie. most) and their regular sales are always something to shout about. I always head here when I know I want something – what makes me pick FU over other shops is that they stock such a varied range of brands so I can really put that shipping cost to good use… but wait! There is no shipping cost. The site offers free worldwide delivery on orders over £10 – delivery win! They really do have such a great range of products, and their Outlet section is divine. Truly divine. It’s a massive sale section but it’s not just the leftovers no one else wants, there’s brands such as Benefit, Caudalie and more knocked down by 50%. It’s constantly updated too, so you can basically pore over it every damn day if you want.

02. Cult Beauty
This fabulous shop is my go-to for trialling new products and brands, the entire concept really appeals to me as every product on there has cult status – each recommended by industry insider’s, beauty experts, MUA, celebrities and more. Just about every product you’ve heard about more than a few times can be found on Cult Beauty – it’s brilliant. I really, really trust what I buy from there, which is ideal as most of the products sit in the luxe category. I completely trust that any product they list will be amazing, and I’m yet to be let down.
The site have great reviews that I actually read, as well as a really detailed description and instructions on how to use the product. The girls that run Cult Beauty are really on the ball when it comes to reviews, they will input blogger’s and editor’s reviews taken from blogs or whatever – one time I was linking to a product and saw my own review on there which was a little strange at first as I knew I hadn’t submitted it, but the girls had taken the quote from my blog – which is super helpful for everyone else. Oh, and there’s also a little section that shows which glamorous celebrity is a fan of the product!
Make sure to sign up to their newsletter as they regularly send out shipping codes and discounts, and you can choose free samples at the checkout which is amazing.

03. Hair Trade
HairTrade is the place for stocking up on haircare; brands such as Redken, Macadamia, Pureology and Tangle Teezer are all heavily discounted and far more affordable than anywhere else. I rarely buy haircare and styling products from other outlets as I know they won’t be cheaper than trusty old HairTrade. Shipping is average, it comes quickly but you do need to pay for shipping – I don’t think it’s too much though.
Definitely the place to head if you have an eye for salon brands – this is how I get my Redken fix!

04. BeautyBay
Another great site stocking an array of lovely brands is BeautyBay. I regularly shop from here as I love the brands available and they seem to always be having sales – seriously. All the time. Brands stocked include Alpha H, Jurlique, Oskia and NUXE – but there’s so, so many more.
They stock a number of brands that are hard to find anywhere else and I find the whole shopping process really easy on here for some reason.. maybe it’s the monochrome site. There’s free delivery on BeautyBay too!

05. Love-Makeup
This is the place to head if you like a lot of makeup artistry brands, such as Sigma and Ben Nye. Love-Makeup stock some really amazing brands that you hear the pros talk about, and it’s one of the only places that stocks some of the niche brands which is ideal.
I love shopping here as the delivery is amazing, I always get my items within a couple of days, and they’re super cheap for most things. I see they’ve just started stocking Kevyn Aucoin and they also have OCC, Crown Brushes and Embryolisse.

Those were my top five online beauty stores, of course I adore for their amazing discounts and bargains – especially on brands like Clarins and the French skincare brands (currently on a 1/3 off), I would 100% recommend checking here first if you want to make an order on something. I also regularly shop on Lookfantastic as they always have a great range of brands and a lot of sales. Both of these currently have amazing offers on at the moment, too.

Do you have any favourite beauty shops?

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Gifts & Pieces Home Haul.

posted on: 21 March, 2014

As you’re probably aware, I’m pretty obsessed with nice homewares and little trinkets, I could spend more on home things than beauty and clothes put together if we’re being honest here. My blogger friend Abby (most perfect blog) runs an adorable shop which has just moved online – Gifts and Pieces specialises in all sorts of cutesy bits, I’m just obsessed with it all!

I have been thinking about making an order for so long now, but when I saw these perfect Polka Dot Monogrammed Mugs (£9.20), well I knew I had to have one! They’re very me, and I love anything with my initial on it. I’ve been using it every day since I got it and now I’m obsessed with the idea of getting a few orders of these Zebra Polka Dot Mugs (£16.50) – how cute would it be if all your mugs looked like that?! So very pretty.

I also got this Daisy Cotton Wool Jar (£6.95) which I’ve had my eye on forever, and these adorable Vintage Pom Poms (£4.95) – I haven’t given these a home yet because I think I’ll save them for when we move but I’m already thinking about where to put them. How quaint!

Also seen here is the Floral Hanging Heart (£3.20) – I’m still deciding where to put this too. It currently sits on our fireplace but I’d like to actually hang it. I could have bought so much more and I’m already planning my next purchases – I think I’ll get some of the little House Lanterns (£4.50) for putting my candles in, I don’t even know if I can handle how cute these are.

A massive well done to Abby as the shop is incredible, they’re also on top of the restocking game so make sure to follow Gifts & Pieces on Twitter because they’re really good with keeping us all updated… those pictures are pretty tempting too.

What do you think of my purchases?

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The Topshop Scarf.

posted on: 20 March, 2014

You may remember that one of my New Year’s beauty resolutions was to be a little more inventive with my hair – actually, that’s pretty weird if you do remember really. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to be able to pull off a bow in my hair, they always look super cute and now my hair is back to plain ol’ brown, I thought it was time to make a little more effort.

I found this Topshop Geo Scarf (£16) recently and I knew it was the one. I’ve been after a good scarf forever, I often tie them around my neck like a scout (seriously) so I knew I would get some use out of it one way or another.
I tend to roll up the scarf, not too neatly, and wrap it around my head  (starting with the flat bit of the scarf going over the top of my head) and twist it under at the nape of my neck. I then bring it up and tie it in a messy bow on top. I either do this on my hair when it’s down or, as you can see, when it’s tied up. Simples. I think it really works with my short fringe and hair length and it’s great for hiding unwashed locks…

I also sometimes do a cute turban style too, I just place the scarf under the nape of my neck, bring the ends up and twist them around each other twice and then down again before securing under my hair. I prefer a bow if I’m honest.
Occasionally, I’ll opt for what I like to call the ‘Axl Rose’ and tie the scarf over my loose hair, rather than under it. It’s a daring ‘do to be honest and I’m always worried about being heckled on the streets of Glasgow.

What do you think of hair scarves? Too 90s or a-ok?

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