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New Hair’s Resolution & Cloud 9 Competition.

posted on: 10 January, 2013


Following on from this post, in which I included my New Years Beauty Resolutions, I thought I’d include my New Hair’s Resolution – in conjunction with a competition Cloud 9 are running.

Last month I decided on a whim (sort of, I’d had the idea for some time) that I was going to get a fringe cut in my hair. I’d had fringes before and thought they looked okay, but generally thought the cut could be better done. My hairdresser did an amazing job and I think the fringe isn’t too blunt and fits in with my overall undone hairstyle. Getting a fringe cut in is a big decision, I’d just spent the last year growing out my last fringe (although, a few of you have told me that after seeing my hair, you cut a fringe in yourself – so I salute you!) but I’m really happy with how my hair is now and I find it easier to manage (and easier to make it look good!) than my old hair style.

My New Hair’s Resolution? Well now my hairstyle has changed, I’m wearing it in a more sleek style so I’m promising to keep it in good condition, make sure it’s as glossy as can be and to always go for that undone, effortless look (while still ensuring it’s looking it’s best!).

I have a Haircare video coming on my YouTube channel so watch out for that! In the meantime, you can enter Cloud9′s competition to win yourself a Cloud9 styling tool of your choice. I’ve heard many wonderful things about them so it’s definitely one to enter! Just pop over to their Facebook page or Twitter (using the hashtag #2013hair) or their blog and let them know your New Hair’s Resolutions are. Click here for full details.

Hair is something that can be so personal and really create your signature look – now I have a fringe, I feel a lot happier and confident with my look and I’ve had so many compliments – especially from you lot so thank you! We should definitely all have a little hairstyle change every now and again. What do you think of the fringe and will you be entering the competition?