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Currently Loving #31.

By On 16 November, 2013

This week has been pretty jam-packed, mostly with work, blogging and filming but I have managed to squeeze in a few fun things, too. As always, you can follow me on Instagram… Read More


Currently Loving #29.

By On 2 November, 2013

01. I’ve actually had a really lovely week this week, it’s been pretty busy with things outside of usual blogging and work which is a nice change from the norm. Jordan and… Read More


Currently Loving #28.

By On 26 October, 2013

01. I’ve had a pretty makeup-inspired week, mainly because I’ve had a few new products to try out and I’ve also been testing out my new brushes. Since I got my new… Read More


Currently Loving #26.

By On 12 October, 2013

I went blonder! I had my hair done again this week (I’ll get a full post up soon) but I really like this new colour and style – I had my fringe… Read More


Currently Loving #25.

By On 5 October, 2013

I decided to put an updated makeup storage video on my Instagram since I don’t think I’ll be doing one on my channel for a while, I had a huge clear-out of… Read More