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Makeup Medley #6.

posted on: 6 February, 2014

My makeup bag has taken an interesting turn this month, although it’s pretty clear that I’m still lusting after glowing skin and bright cheeks – some things won’t ever change. A couple of new products have worked their way in to my hands lately but so have a few old loves…

First up, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£31) this is an old favourite of mine but I’ve been reaching for it recently because I adore the coverage and finish. Despite what the name suggests, this isn’t so sheer when applied – it has quite a minimal, naturally radiant finish but on the whole it’s probably medium coverage and it conceals imperfections without looking heavy. I love the typical NARS packaging, it’s super sleek and always so aesthetically pleasing, although I do need to purchase the pump at some point. I apply using a buffing brush of some sort and the result is always perfected skin.

A new addition is the Topshop Glow Highlighter in Polish (£9) a creamy pearl highlighter which is perfect for inducing a glow and emphasising cheekbones. This is so very creamy, I mean that in the sense that it’s almost wet but it feels quite powdering when applied which means it doesn’t budge throughout the day. I’m so hooked on this stuff, and that price tag suits me just fine!
Another new cheek product is the Clarins Multi-Blush Cream Blushers (£18), a new release from the brand that I’m pretty smitten with! These come in four lovely shades, seen here is Candy, and they’re all quite sophisticated colours. They have a bold edge and they apply flawlessly, they’re super easy to blend and feel very light throughout application. Me love!

On to eyes, I have my trusty Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Blonde (£15) which has become my everyday brow product at the moment. This mousse-y creamy is so simple to use and the shade blonde is perfect for me, I use a small angled brush to apply and I never have any issues. It’s pretty hard to mess this up, basically. I never thought I would move on from pencil but this proves you can use cream and still have natural brows.
The bareMinerals Lash Domination Mascara (£17) is my current lash-extender of choice – this is another new love but it’s taken no time at all to impress me. Aside from the chic metallic packaging, I love this because it really extends my lashes without making them look clumpy or unnatural. It lengthens and defines but there’s no signs of spidery legged lashes. Win.

Have you tried any of these products?

Makeup Medley #5.

posted on: 4 December, 2013

My makeup bag is playing host to quite an interesting array of makeup this month, I have to admit I’m embracing products that I wouldn’t have thought I would ever go for – such as sculpting powders, under-eye concealers, berry lips, a full-coverage foundation and even a new mascara.

The Origins Plantscription Anti-Ageing Concealer (£17) has become a regularly used product of mine, despite never really using under-eye concealers in the past (I’ve always thought I looked a little bit odd with my eye bags covered up…)  - as I mentioned earlier in the week I’ve been taking the matte approach to my makeup, so I haven’t really been all that interested in highlighters. Instead I’ve been using this under my foundation to highlight and brighten, slicking a little down my nose, in the corners of my eyes and under the eye area. It’s such a nice way to give the face some definition without the shimmer.
To achieve my matte look, I have been using the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (£37.50), something that I never really got the hang of until recently – I had always mixed it in with primers or moisturiser but now I use the smallest amount (we’re talking around the size of a grain of rice) and really buff it in using a buffing brush – the results are truly flawless. I’m a little bit addicted to this stuff, and I’ve always liked using a tiny, tiny amount of a good coverage base rather than loads of a sheer base.

I’m having a little bit of a Kevyn Aucoin moment, as the Sculpting Powder (£33) has also been on my regularly used list lately. I’ve always been a little scared of contouring, I thought that it made me look a bit… muddy? Since discovering the cult contouring product that is the sculpting powder, I’ve really been contouring quite a lot. Someone recently commented that I had cheekbones… though I think they were just confused by my chubby cheeks. I really recommend this if you’re put off by contouring!

As always, I’m all about the one wash eyes – the latest love of mine is the Esteé Lauder Pure Colour Stay-On Paint in Chained (£19), which is a really lovely bronzey shade that isn’t too pink. I love these creamy shadows that don’t budge, they’re so easy to sweep on in the morning and require no touch-ups throughout the day. I also smudge a little in to my lower lashes if I’m wearing liquid liner, too.
It’s really rare for me to fall for another mascara but the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara (£22) really is impressive, the small brush is great for coating every lash and you can fan the lashes out for brighter eyes, too. I can make my lashes look really, really volumised and curled with this and it only takes a coat or two  - it’s pretty plumpin’!

Finally, I’ve been using my much loved KORRES lip balms in their stick form, my favourite being the Korres Mandarin Lip Butter in Rose (£8), a nice berry shade that isn’t too full on for those of  us who prefer a light lip. These have enough pigment to make a statement but also hydrate the lips and leave them feeling super soft – and there’s no awkward application as they come in a handy stick.


What’s in your makeup bag at the moment?

Makeup Medley #4.

posted on: 2 October, 2013


I’m offering you another sneak peek in to my makeup bag, and for once it’s not the usual suspects lurking within. I have to say that I’ve broken free of the products I usually reach for out of habit and have been loving using different products.

The Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness is probably something I’ve needed for a while as I have a really pink face, I feel like I’m in the minority here as everyone seems to be the opposite and I find it a mission to get yellow-toned foundations. This colour primer has been amazing for neutralising the pink tones in my face and creating a very uniform colour that is easy to work with foundation. I absolutely adore this stuff, as it also really primes and smoothes the skin at the same time, which makes it twice as amazing. It does have a yellow tint but of course it’s not unnatural and completely blends in and hides any pink tones or redness in the skin. I definitely recommend!
Another concealing gem I’ve found is the Seventeen On The Spot Concealer, which promises to help clear up blemishes whilst also concealing them, so you have clearer skin in 4 weeks. I bought this as a concealer only and I’m not all that sure about the claims but that aside, it’s a brilliant concealer that conceals all without feeling and looking like a thick layer on your skin. I’m always on the lookout for good concealers and I have to say, this is mighty fine stuff – possibly even better than the Collection concealer we all adore. Seventeen have come out with some amazing launches lately and if i’m honest, I want them all.

I’ve mentioned my love for the Bourjois Java Rice Powder before, this light illuminating powder is truly lovely and really, really flattering on the skin. I use it along cheek bones and down the nose for a burst of light-reflecting radiance and it’s super awakening when applied. It’s quite shimmery so I tend to apply it where the light hits for a light touch of radiance and then use the brush to swirl around my face so I get only a small amount, if any, on the rest of my skin. The twist-to-close packaging is also a dream because of the loose powder – I wish they would do this to all loose powders!

I have been using another mascara, one that isn’t my beloved Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume, and I have to admit that it’s working out well for me. I’m definitely late in getting on this YSL Shocking Mascara bandwagon but it’s been good to me so far. I find this is really good for curling and separating my lashes, which works for me because my lashes are already reasonably long. I adore the packing too, which is also a plus!
Finally, I’ve discovered this Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Roomiest Rose lately and I think it’s my autumn colour. I love pigmented, glossy lip products because you can slick on and go without the need for much maintenance, which is great when you have dry lips like me!  The colour is quite a juice watermelon, not too pink and not too red which makes it quite a classy colour that goes with everything. If you haven’t already tried the Chubby Sticks, you definitely must!

Have you tried any of these products?

Makeup Medley #2.

posted on: 28 June, 2013


I seem to have settled in to a comfortable routine of makeup items that I rarely stray from, this is probably what life is like when you don’t blog/work in beauty… I’m not sure if it’s due to lack of time or just that these handful of products work perfectly for me but there seems to be little else I find myself reaching for.

My base is a combination of the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and the PhotoReady Perfecting Primer. Shock, horror – a drugstore primer that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! I love how affordable this duo is, the primer is incredibly smoothing and I’ve spoken before about my love of the Nearly Naked foundation. I usually just mix the two on the back of my hand and apply with the Beautyblender.
More drugstore lovin’ comes in the form of the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, an old favourite that I have perhaps repurchased around 20 times! This is great for blemishes, I usually use my fingers to pat in as I find it’s more effective than using a brush.

For cheeks, it’s been a job for Benefit Hervana blush – a lovely cool-toned pink that brightens and sculpts my face. I’ve been adoring this lately, it’s always been one of my favourite Benefit blushers but it’s so different from the normal shades I choose that I’ve been wearing it every day. I finish off with a quick dusting of my all-time favourite highlighter, MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle. I often mention this as it’s so wearable – it’s not too shimmery or glittery but provides such a flawless amount of glow that I can’t not apply!

Lastly, I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz to perfect my brows – a product that has been getting me a lot of compliments lately. This is the best brow product I’ve found, the pencil is so fine that it creates such a natural shape to brows and it means I can create a thicker brow that still looks completely natural. Then it’s time for my all-time favourite mascara of course! The Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume mascara, even when I lazily apply this (like above) with just a quick coat, it still lengthens, separates and defines my lashes. I won’t buy anything else!

A pretty lazy everyday makeup look, but a practical one that still manages to show off all my best bits. Now, if I could just get my fringe to sit like that again…