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Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel.

posted on: 15 April, 2014

Elemental Herbology are a brand that make up a big chunk of my skincare routine; I’m pretty loyal to a good brand when I find one, I come to trust their products and regularly trial new bits and pieces. Over the last couple of years I’ve made many repurchases from Elemental Herbology, and I’ve never tried a product I don’t completely love. I’ve been moving towards more natural skincare for some time now, and my latest choice is just one of the many reasons why.

I have had a sample size of the Elemental Herbology Facial Glow Radiance Peel (£39) in the past, it was the 30ml size from the Weekend Facial Kit (£30) – which I really recommend! It’s great to sample their masks, I gave them all a go and then waited until I had finished each up (and some other masks I needed to use up!) and then chose which one to repurchase – it was between this and the Facial Detox Mask but with my acne-scarred skin at the moment, this was always going to win!
The Facial Glow mask is a peel mask – this means it exfoliates away the dead skin cells to reveal a brighter, fresher complexion. The EH offering is packed with skin-loving nutrients and botanical extracts to pump skin with everything it needs to look clear and healthy – these botanical ingredients are the reason why I keep coming back to EH and their products.
To use, I tend to just remove my makeup, cleanse my face and then apply a liberal amount of this all over my face and neck, before leaving for four minutes. That’s the beauty of radiance masks, they usually work in no time. I then remove with a face cloth under warm water, I can always notice a difference to my complexion straight away.

I find radiance peels the most effective products, they slough away dead skin cells which are clogging the pores and dulling the skin’s surface – have you ever noticed your pores a little on the large size or your skin isn’t as bright as usual? You need a lil peel action up in there! It also helps to promote cell turnover, which means that it encourages the production of new cells, thus a fresh complexion in no time.
The brightening ingredients work miracles on uneven tone, acne scars and even just a dull complexion – and it’s quite gentle too (remember, it’s all natural) so you can rest assured that it won’t irritate the skin. I love using this once a week, I find the overall look of my complexion improves so much, and it helps to even out any problem areas. The mask also does wonders for any dry patches or skin that has been exposed to the elements for too long (if you’ve been out in the wind, cold, sun or live in the city).

Overall, it’s a little pricey but I’m always prepared to pay a little more for natural products AND face masks – I expect to get a lot of use out of this as the 30ml sample size lasted me ages!

Have you tried anything from Elemental Herbology?

Everyday Cleansing Oils.

posted on: 8 April, 2014

I find cleansing oils the easiest product to cleanse with; despite my love of skincare, I still find the evening cleanse a laborious task- though mainly because I have to move. Now that a cleansing oil is a staple in my routine, it takes no time at all, and I can rest assured that my makeup has been properly removed.

The newest addition to my routine is the Elemental Herbology Harmonising Cleansing Oil (£29), the latest release from the brand. I consider EH one of my favourite skincare brands, I have three of their cleansers and I’ve repurchased the other two numerous times. I find the natural approach and ingredients list always agrees with my skin, and they’re so incredibly effective without the use of nasty chemicals. The latest cleansing oil is definitely my favourite of the lot, despite the awkwardly large packaging. It has a pump to dispense which is obviously amazing when it comes to oils, it’s also quite light – not a gloopy oil. I could say that about all four of these though, as that’s why I like them. I squeeze a couple of pumps in to my hands, rub ‘em together to disperse and then apply to my face. I start by gently massaging this in to my eyes first – one of the reasons this is now my favourite is that it completely melts away eye makeup in seconds. As soon as the oil touches eye makeup, you can feel even the thickest, toughest mascara being melted away. I then work it in to the rest of my face and use a face cloth and warm water to remove. Like most cleansing oils, it turns in to kind of a light milk on contact with water so it’s easy to remove and doesn’t leave residue.

Next up, the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil (£28) – before the aforementioned came along, this was my evening cleanser of choice. I have to say it’s quite similar to the EH offering, so I tend to swap them about throughout the week. I adore NUDE, it has the same ethos as Elemental Herbology and they use natural ingredients in their skincare products which I definitely prefer. I prefer the packaging of this, it is the same size of the EH offering but isn’t so chunky. This is pretty similar to EH to be honest, and a whole £1 cheaper – I use it in the same way as I use my other cleansing oils and this still takes off my makeup incredibly well. I find that it takes just that little bit longer to remove eye makeup though, so that’s why I tend to prefer using the EH oil. I would definitely repurchase this though, I love how effortless it is – my skin always looks so glowing and healthy after use too. I find cleansing oils are so great for decongesting the skin, as well as removing makeup, so they’re a great choice if you have problem skin like myself. Just follow up with your usual cleansing and ta-da, happy skin.

The next product is actually a pre-cleansing oil, the Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Miracle Makeover Oil (£9.99) is a product that you apply to dry skin before cleansing, it helps to eliminate impurities and creates a really lovely aroma (and therefore experience) when you cleanse. I’ve just about finished this bottle, I tend to apply it liberally because it just feels so lovely and luxurious. The nourishing formula is packed with great ingredients to soothe and hydrate the skin, I could spend hours massaging this in to the skin in the evenings – I find that it helps to lift makeup and impurities, so when you follow with your usual cleanser,  you get a really thorough deep cleanse. It feels gorgeous to use, and I think it’s great to massage your skin every once in a while. After spending a few minutes doing so, I use a warm cloth and wipe it away before using another makeup remover to ensure my skin is purified.

Lastly, the Origins Clean Energy Gentle Cleansing Oil (£21), this isn’t too pricey compared to the others here but my issue with this is that you have to buy a pump for it – which I never have so it doesn’t get used as much as it should. The opening is huge so you really waste so much product trying to tip it out. Other than that, it’s a lovely product – not so natural or effective as the Elemental Herbology and NUDE offerings so they tend to be my first choices, but it’s pretty reasonable for a premium brand – and I’m quite the fan of Origins.
This feels silky on the skin, removes easily and doesn’t leave a film on the skin. I love how quickly it cleanses and my skin always looks clearer after use – now, time to buy that pump!

Overall, I’m pretty sold on cleansing oils – they melt away makeup, tend not to smear it around the face, and they manage to remove impurities without leaving a film on the skin. They’re the quickest, more efficient way to remove makeup and they work for all skin types – even oily or blemish prone skin will find that these help the skin, they don’t leave any residue behind and actually manage to slough away dead skin cells and purify the skin. I definitely recommend giving one a try if you haven’t already.

Have you tried a cleansing oil?


Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil: A Detailed Review.

posted on: 25 March, 2014


Ahh the time has come – I’ve finished my beloved Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil (£20) and there’s a new bottle lined up already. I think this is one of the first times I’ve finished a facial oil, they last so long! I talk about this little gem all the freakin’ time so I thought a full review was in order…

I would definitely name this the king of facial oils, it has sorted my skin out over the last year and really got me back to a normal skin type (I guess you could say I did have oily skin) as well as keeping my skin well nourished and hydrated. I’ve been using it for some time – I actually searched through my blog to find out when I started using it and it seems that the first post it featured in was in May 2013 – so I guess it’s been almost a full year of using it (liberally!) every day. Not bad going for £20.

How To Use
I tend to use it alone at night as my treatment and moisturiser in one, or I use it alongside other treatments and my night cream on top. So at night I remove my makeup, cleanse my skin, use a toner and then massage in the rosehip oil. I usually find that this is enough but occasionally I’ll apply a serum before the oil and a night cream after the oil. I tend to think of the facial oil sealing everything in, so I put most things underneath – even spot treatments usually. By then I kind of feel like my skin is prepped enough without moisturiser.
As it’s really light it sinks in quickly, you can use just a couple of drops and it will work for the whole face – I prefer to use a few extra drops though. Sometimes I will completely slather my skin in it, using maybe 6 drops for my face, and then massage it in and leave it overnight like a moisture mask. But usually I pipette out a few drops in to the palm of my hand, and then use my fingers to apply small amounts to areas of my face, rub my hands together to disperse and then spend one or two minutes massaging it in. It feels amazing. I also occasionally mix it in with my serum for a boost, it’s just quicker and feels nicer – at the moment I adore the Kiehl’s Skin Rescuer (£29.50), they make a great duo.
One thing I’ve found that really helps is to work it in to any under the skin spots, I get hormonal acne that takes weeks to clear up but this stuff always sends them packing far quicker. I’ve also noticed that if you catch them early enough, it will make sure they don’t turn in to anything nasty too – they kind of just deflate.
You can also use it in the morning, just apply it after your toner – it works so well at boosting the complexion and foundation seems to apply and sit better too.

Skin Types & Concerns
The formula is all natural, having been extracted using volcanically sourced CO2 to get the purest concentration of the oils. It’s actually a mix of rosehip seed and rosehip fruit oil, so they take it from the plant without bringing in germs or oxidising the oil. This means it’s unlikely to irritate skin, even on those with sensitive skin, and it also lasts longer in the bottle – I make sure to keep it in a drawer though to get the best out of it. It doesn’t break me out or have any adverse effects on my skin – for reference my skin is normal, a little dehydrated, occasionally oily and blemish prone. I’d say this would work on all skin types – definitely oily skin too. I found that using a facial oil on my skin was the best thing for helping to reduce the excess sebum, and after a little while I had more of a normal skin type.
As I said, it also works wonders on blemishes (even whiteheads) I’ve found – though keep in mind that everyone’s skin type is different. Perhaps you could leave your findings in the comments if you have blemishes and have tried this oil, that would be super helpful. I asked on Twitter if anyone else had found that the Pai Rosehip oil cleared up under the skin blemishes and the result was a pretty consistent yes. See here.
Rosehip oil is also meant to be help with scars, I was told it’s used on burns victims in hospital (quite a tragic thing to drop in, sorry). I have a number of scars from acne, I tend to have more issues with scarring than blemishes and I definitely find that rosehip oil (along with a good exfoliator, see here for more details) goes a long way in helping to fade the dark spots that blemishes leave behind, and also reduces the redness of current angry blemishes. Of course, fading blemishes takes a long time so it’s hard to back this up but you know yourself when something works.
As for dry and dehydrated skin, well of course, you should see great results from this. It’s hugely hydrating – remember even oily skin can be dehydrated, lacking in moisture – and nourishing. It’s instantly relieving, and by that I mean the feeling of when your skin feels tight and dry, if you’ve been sitting next to central heating with your makeup on (or have had a nap with it on, the worst!) or have just used a gel cleanser that has stripped your skin? A little of the rosehip oil will soon sort that out.
It’s also great for mature skin I’m told, for much of the same reasons as above.

Of course, there are other types of rosehip oil – I have the Trilogy Rosehip Oil (£14.85) which is also great, a little lighter and certified organic. It’s from my native New Zealand so I do feel slightly bad saying this, but for some reason I just prefer Pai’s offering. I just think it has better results, but I do still use and rate the Trilogy one and if you buy it on FeelUnique then there’s a difference in price. Personally, I think I usually recommend the Pai version over any face oil.

I think I’ve covered everything there. I got 9 months out of my bottle (and I use more drops than the average person I’m guessing) which works out at just over £2 per month so I definitely think it’s worth it.

Have you tried the oil? Are you thinking about trying the oil? Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments as I’d love to read them…

PS. Obviously not a Sponny P (that’s a sponsored post for all of you less educated on today’s language) I just thought this would be helpful.

Skincare For Irritated Skin.

posted on: 19 February, 2014

We probably all experience irritated skin in some form over the years – whether it be dry, chapped skin or acne. It’s a nightmare to deal with, but with the right products help is at hand. Lately my skin has been blemish-prone but very dehydrated and uncomfortable because of spot treatments etc. – a bit of a nightmare really.

The spot treatment I’ve been using to help my skin is the Avene TriAcneal Cream (£19.55), which I’ve heard so many good things about. It’s meant to help reduce the blemishes and also scarring, when used over a period of two months – I’ve been using it a couple of times a week for roughly two weeks now and it seems to be working well. It has a peeling effect, so my skin definitely seems a lot brighter and clearer where I don’t tend to get blemishes which is always a plus. I use it as a targeted spot corrector so I apply it only to the affected area, but it is still quite drying on my poor skin!
To deal with any dry, tight skin I use the La Roche-Posay Ciciaplast Baume (£6.50) – this stuff is amazing for tending to irritated skin, and I always keep it on hand for when winter gets a bit much. Despite being called a balm, it’s more like a cream – it’s not even that thick to be honest. You could use it as moisturising if you wanted. It’s intensely hydrating, very soothing and instantly relieving – pretty special am I right. If you’re prone to chapped skin or similar, this is the stuff to sort you out – it feels lovely when applied and it really helps to keep skin in check.

A few times a week, I use the Dr Jart + Water-Max Sleeping Mask (£23.25) which is the ultimate overnight mask for hydrating and smoothing. It feels beautiful when applied and I always wake up with skin that feels unbelievably soft and plump. Even when my skin isn’t in such a state, I make sure I use this regularly as I find it’s so good for dehydrated skin.

As for eyes, my poor tired eyes have really relied on the Pai Echium & Argan Gentle Eye Cream (£28) lately – this stuff is HEAVENLY! Lately my poor peepers have been looking dry, puffy and just a bit gross. My skin really takes a beating because my immune system ain’t great if you’re wondering. I don’t think I could live without this eye cream now, it really soothes and calms and helps to hydrate and brighten my eyes – it really does work miracles. A little amount morning and evening makes all the difference, and my eyes are back to full health in no time.

Do you have a skincare routine for when you’re not looking so great?