Evening Skincare Favourites.

20 November, 2014 25 Comments

I did say there was a skincare-heavy post on its way, and I wasn’t kidding! I thought I would sum up my typical evening skincare treatments with a nice photo and some… Read More


Paris Picks: Part Two.

19 November, 2014 23 Comments

As we went to Paris with Birchbox, we met with a couple of French brands while we were there. This allowed us to discover and experience the brands in their boutiques, which… Read More


Paris Picks: Part One.

18 November, 2014 31 Comments

No trip to Paris is complete without a trip to Sephora, and I always set my sights on a visit to the famous City Pharma while I’m there too. Luckily, when I… Read More


My Most Worn Jewellery.

17 November, 2014 38 Comments

It recently dawned on me that I own quite a lot of jewellery, for someone who doesn’t often wear that much jewellery. Upon sorting through it, I thought it was time to… Read More


Instax Mini 8 Camera.

16 November, 2014 59 Comments

I thought I would use today’s lifestyle post to talk about my Instax camera, as I know a few people will probably be eyeing one up for Christmas. I was hoping to… Read More