July Goals.

1 July, 2015

July, you came around way too quickly. I shouldn’t be complaining, July is pretty much my favourite month because sun. I’ve been super busy lately, I’m relaunching the Nouvelle website and the stationery shop to go alongside it. It’s been such a long few months, it was that sort of worry that really gets you down and leads to mad, impulsive decisions. Anyway, it’s almost sorted and we’re waiting for new stock to arrive and then launch time! I hope…

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Lifestyle Travel

New York City Guide: Shopping.

30 June, 2015

The final part of my New York guide is all ahhbout the shopping! Shopping is an absolute must if you’re in ‘Murica because everything is bigger, better and cheaper. Fact. I’m a little bit sad to think that a whole month ago I was on my way to the magical city right now (well, actually I’d be chilling in the Blue Lagoon spa in Iceland, but whatevs) but I’m going to relive the trip through the last of my photos.…

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Inspiration Interiors

Fresh Flowers.

29 June, 2015

I know we all love a good Pinterest-style peony photo, so when I was redoing my MADE.COM Unboxed snaps yesterday, I thought I’d go a step further and take a few more for a blog post. I bought a huge bunch of peonies from Debenhams this week, as Annabel has a 25% off code on her blog, and also picked up a few cheaper bunches of £4 peonies from Asda (lasted way longer), and some Sweet Williams too. I always…

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Beauty Favourites

June Favourites.

28 June, 2015

I can’t believe July is just a few days away… right now I’m wearing a jumper and thick socks and I can hear big spatters of rain hitting the window. A true Scottish summer. Perhaps my summery roundup can brighten things up a little… If there’s one thing I owe my happy, clear complexion to, it’s the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil (£40), this stuff is amazing! I said a while ago that I had really stripped back my skincare routine, and…

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Inspiration Interiors Lifestyle

5 Things: Buying Your First Home.

27 June, 2015

It takes me roughly 6 asks to get on with a ‘requested’ post, which is why I’m finally getting round to writing up this number! I guess a lot of my readers are getting to that age where weekends become busy with viewings and appointments, so I thought I’d put together a small guide… I had been living in rented flats (thousands of ’em) for around 6 or 7 years before we finally bought our flat, so I know a…

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